An old Soviet Cartoon: "Run, Little Stream!" (Беги, ручеек!)


“Run, Little Stream!” (Беги, ручеек!) This old and a very kind Soviet cartoon we would recommend for everybody – especially for little kids! We watched it several times with great pleasure… That’s a very kind cartoon for very little kids and that is metaphoric animated story for their parents.

It seems now they don’t made such nice, kind and maybe a little naive cartoons for our kids. I think good cartoons for little kids must be a little bit naive! And what do you think?

Part 1.

Part 2.

Just a little bit information for people who wants to know more:
This cartoon was made in 1963 by director Peter Nosov. And yes we will publish another cartoons by this director! 😉

Have a nice Sunday,
Svet and Kyle

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