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Today we will watch a very interesting movie from RussiaToday. Really, Medical Discussions are very popular in Russia and a lot of people listen to Medical Transmissions on the Radio. Cause of these a Patient in Russia is a thinking and experienced person, he knows sometimes more than doctors or at least thinks like that. Patients and doctors like to use folk medicine if it’s possible and your doctor never forget to remind you about diet and healthy style of life.

And today we introduce you a very interesting Medical Discussion. The theme is “Taking pills: cause or cure?

Short description of this video:
Today we discuss medicine and the health problems increasingly causing people to be dependent on drug treatment. But is it the only way to cure deseases? To discuss this vital question, we have invited to our studio two doctors, Sergey Bubnovsky, the creator of an alternative System of Neurology and Orthopaedics and prominent cardiologist Yury Buziashvili.

What doctors in your country would think about this video and how they would answer the question of this video: “Taking pills: cause or cure?”?

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