Russian Video: Adoption of Russian children! (2)


We just published a very sad article Russian Video: Adoption of Russian children! (1). In this article we’ll try to find out how it’s possible these terrible things are happening with adopted in USA kids from Russia.

Kyle explained me whole situation. The truth is there are a lot of orphans in USA also but it’s not very easy to adopt a kid in America. To adopt a kid couple have to meet a very strict criteria that’s why some people who would never meet this criteria go to Russia or Asian countries to make adoption kids from these countries where they can hide some facts of their life or trade “this facts” to money for officials.

Some people who watched the videos in our previous article asked why Russians don’t adopt their kids. The truth is that was very difficult! Family who wants adopt kids must meet a lot of criteria. [The same like in America!] But good news now it becomes easier for Russian families to adopt kids: Russian MPs are considering ways of making it easier to adopt children, so more families can take orphans and abandoned children. Complex legal procedures currently put off many prospective adopters.

And one more good news “The Wind of Changes” came from our authorities: now we have more and more social advertisement what encourages to adopt or patron kids! We have it even at our bus-stop!

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