A Walk In Tsaritsyno (Царицыно)!


Yesterday we walked in Tsaritsyno [the name means Tsar’s = Place what belongs to Tcar] that is a very beautiful park and an interesting museum with a lot of exhibitions… And tonight we found a very good video to show you this wonderful place. Maybe late we’ll make our own video. But today:

I wish you were here…

For our readers who wants to know about this wonderful place more:

In the southern part of Moscow, twenty minutes away from downtown by car, lay the lands of the State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno. Its nucleus is the largest palatial ensemble in Russia – the residence of Catherine the Great constructed between 1775 and 1796 by the famous Russian architects Vasiliy Bazhenov and Matvey Kazakov in the romantic “gothic taste”. A beginning of the XIX century landscape park is located nearby. Its trees overlook the waters of the Upper Tsaritsyno pond, which together with the Shipilovsky and Borisovsky ponds form the largest cascade of ponds in Moscow. Tsaritsyno is the largest museum-reserve and historical and cultural monument of the federal level in Moscow, occupying over 700 hectares. A tremendously rich complex of architectural objects is gathered here – the historic village sites, plowed fields, barrows dated from the VI thousand years B.C. to the beginning of the XII century. These parts remember the Streshnev family boyars, Golitsin and Kantemirov princely families, Catherine the Great and her brilliant associates, and many of the distinguished Russian statesmen of the XIX and XX centuries. Following the death of Catherine the Great the architectural idea was not completed. Over the two hundred years the palatial ensemble had turned into majestic ruins…

The restoration of the Grand Palace, the former great historical ruin, was completed in 2007. Large-scale restoration and landscaping of the park and the ponds was also carried out. Tsaritsyno, a jewel of Russian culture, has a grand future.

If you want to know even more we strongly recommend you to visit a site of this State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno.

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Svet and Kyle

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