Russian Video: Full Solar Eclipse in Russia, 2008.


How our readers know yesterday millions of Russians could watch Total Eclipse of Sun! And tonight we are happy to share with you some videos about it. You can choose what is more interesting to watch for you Official Science Video, Personal Video of Full Solar Eclipse or Video showing people watching the Total Solar Eclips.

Video from Russia Today:

Homemade video of Full Solar Eclipse: This is 01 august 2008 total solar eclipse filmed with camcorder through 3 1/2 diskette. Place – Novosibirsk, Russia.

Homemade video of Full Solar Eclipse: People on Lenin Square in Novosibirsk!

For people who wants to know more: using 3 1/2 diskette for watching Solar Eclipse is well known way in Russia. I used two 3 1/2 diskettes to watch partial Solar Eclipse in 2006 :).

Best wishes and remember yesterday we survived the Total Solar Eclipse (by the way the last in this half of the century) so now we can survived any other things in life,

Svet and Kyle

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