Russian Video: Beslan four years on — the grief remains!


May be you never heard about The Tragedy in School Number One in Beslan (North Ossetia, Russia) what happened 4 years ago. Russian people remember it:

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(CBS) The southern Russian town of Beslan, set near the beautiful Caucasus Mountains, is like any small city in America.

In this town of 30,000, kids ride bikes, play computer games, and as summer turns to fall, they prepare to go back to school. In Russia, the first day of school is a celebration.

It’s called “The Day of Knowledge,” and it takes place on Sept. 1. On that day, parents come with their children, and balloons and gifts are brought for the teachers.

“That’s, like, a big deal in Russia, and everyone is just waiting for this moment, when school starts,” says Dariya Fadeeva, 16, a high school senior in Beslan. “It’s also a big holiday for kids going to school for the first time.”

Dariya lived in the United States as an exchange student for a year in Euless, Texas, just outside Dallas. While she was in Texas, she missed her 12-year-old sister, Alia.

“She was so energizing. She liked to write, she used to write poems, and she even made a little book,” says Dariya. “She edited it herself. She made little drawings for her poems.”

Sept. 1, 2004, was a hot and sunny day, as Dariya helped her little sister, Alia, get ready for her first day of sixth grade. What was the last image she had of her sister that morning? “I told her I would see her after, and I remember her walking down the stairs.” Read more…

We wish you all the best and never have such tragedy in your life,
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