Russian Video: Uman! Rosh Hashana!!


We have a very interesting documentary video in our collection. This video shows that thousands of Jews come to one little Ukrainian town Uman to celebrate there Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year). Yes I wanted to publish it tonight — but this documentary was in Russian so I found a better one in Hebrew! [Think that for most of our readers Hebrew is the same strange language as Russian but this video is interesting to watch because it shows us the festival from inside point of view!]

For our readers who wants to know more why all these Jews come to celebrate Rosh Hashana in Ukraine town Uman:

Uman is the burial place of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, the Rebbe of the Breslov group of Hasidic Jews. Rabbi Nachman spent the end of his life in Uman, and specifically requested to be buried there. During Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) there is a major pilgrimage by Breslov Hasidim and others to visit the grave in Uman; this has increased in recent years to the point where some 30,000 chassidim attend each year (mainly men). This practice dates back to 1811, the year after Rabbi Nachman was buried in Uman. The Rebbe told his hassidim, before he died, that they should join him for Rosh Hashana, and this is why the devout Breslov Hassidim still visit him every year for the Jewish new year.

Readers who want to know even more can read Rabbi Nachman’s Strories.

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