Russian Video: The Last Inch (Movie)!


This weekend we are watching a movie “The Last Inch”!

The James Aldridge story “The Last Inch” was written in 1957 and translated into Russian the same year, while the first English edition came out in 1960.

We don’t want to retell you the plot but this incredible adventure movie keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat. The musical score is well chosen as well. Shame that this movie was shown only for the Russian Audience!

In 2008 this film celebrates the 50th anniversary.

Directors: Nikita Kurikhin, Teodor Vulfovich.
Writers: James Aldridge (story), Leonid Belokurov (writer).
Original Music by Moisey Vaynberg.

Slava Muratov as Davy.
Nikolai Kryukov as Ben.
Mikhail Gluzsky as Jifford.
Aliaga Agayev as Cafe owner.
Mukhlis Dzhanni-zade as Mechanic.
A. Rozanov as Doctor

© LENFILM, 1958.

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Svet and Kyle

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