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This weekend we are watching a Soviet movie “Pirates Of The XXTH Century” (Пираты XX века), 1979!

Kyle read an article in Russia Blog about this movie and told me that he would like to watch it. So now we decided to watch this movie with our readers.

The Pirates of the XX Century is a romantic action-adventure thriller, which explores eternal themes of naval folklore: kung-fu and male bonding. It was the first action movie made in banned in USSR Hollywood action style. It is not even close to the Hollywood action movies of that time. Maybe it is not the best example of Russian action movie. This is just the first experience.
The film was the leader of Soviet distribution in 1980 and had 87.6 million viewers.

For our new readers: To make it easier for your browser we will hide movies behind links “Part 1”, “Part 2”, … “Part 9”. Click the link to watch a part of the movie and click again to hide the part.

Link: Part 1

Link: Part 2

Link: Part 3

Link: Part 4

Link: Part 5

Link: Part 6

Link: Part 7

Link: Part 8

Link: Part 9

For our readers who wants to know more:

Link: Interview with an actor Nikolai Yeryomenko jr.

Link: Interview with a writer Stanislav Govorukhin.

Link: Interview with a stunt man Tadeush Kasyanov.

Director: Boris Durov
Writers: Boris Durov and Stanislav Govorukhin

Nikolai Yeryomenko jr. as Sergej Sergejitsch (Chief Mate)
Pyotr Velyaminov as Iwan Iljitsch (Soviet Captain)
Talgat Nigmatulin as Salikh
Rein Aren as Captain of Pirates
Dilorom Kambarova as Island girl
Natalya Kharakhorina as Mascha
Dzhigangir Shakhmuradov as Noah
Yuri Kutyrev as Shweiggert
Tadeush Kasyanov as Bosun
Maya Eglite
Viktor Zhiganov
Georgi Martirosyan
Leonid Trutnev
Vladimir Yepiskoposyan
K. Aminov

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