Russian Video: The Amphibian Man (Movie)!

 The Amphibian Man (Movie)

As usual at the weekends Russian Video from Russia presents Soviet or Post-Soviet full-length movies. Today we will watch a very good movie (and we never show bad movies) “The Amphibian Man” (“Человек Амфибия”), 1961. This beautiful movie is based on science-fiction novel by Aleksandr Belyayev (first published in 1928).


Directors: Vladimir Chebotaryov, Gennadi Kazansky.
Writers: Aleksandr Belyayev (novel), Akiba Golburt (writer).

* Vladimir Korenev as Ichtyandr Salvator
* Anastasiya Vertinskaya as Gutiere Baltazar
* Mikhail Kozakov as Pedro Zurita
* Anatoly Smiranin as Old Baltazar
* Nikolai Simonov as Prof. Salvator
* Vladlen Davydov as Olsen, the reporter

© LENFILM, 1961.

Have a beautiful weekend!
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10 thoughts on “Russian Video: The Amphibian Man (Movie)!

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  3. shalako

    this is the most lovely movie i have ever seen…the two stars samed as they came from the legends…please i hope you will show us the war an the pease film
    i am from egypt

  4. Rajesh Sfrivastava

    It is a wonderful movie. I m Rajesh srivastava from Lucknow ,India. I saw this movie in M oscow and I was highly impressed with th story and the thinking of the Director and as well as th e pRoducer of the film. it is great. I old like to see the movie again and again

  5. ahmed shaher

    thanks alot to download this film here . i’m now 53 years from alexandria – egypt .
    i watched this film repeatedly when i was 7-8 years old .
    my personalaty was affected alot by this film . tks alot again .

  6. nazmy hanna

    لقد بحثت عليه مراراوالحمد لله قد رايته اليوم فانى قد رايته سنة 1965 وكننى لن انساه شكرا لكم


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