Russian Video: Medvedev's New Year Speech!


Today here you can watch a New Year speech of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (with English translation). Our friend Marley (The Daily Bastardette) asked in a comment to Russian Video: Andriyanovka Is Getting Ready To New Years! article how it happened that people in Russia think that listening to Presidential Address at New Year Eve brings good luck for next year. I really never heard about such superstition in Russia. But yes, we always watch the New Year Presidential Address. I don’t know why but that is some mandatory at least for me…

First of all if you are listening to a Presidential New Year Address you always know exactly when the clock on Spasskay Tower of Moscow Kremlin starts to beat the 12 – and that is very very important because you need to make all your wishes during these twelve strikes and drink Champagne at the last stroke and then you can hope that your New Year wishes become true during the year.

The second that is just interesting what our President has to tell us. And our last presidents Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev do a very good job in their New Year Addresses. I never was disappointed in their speeches and now we proudly publish 2009 New Year Address by Dmitry Medvedev:

Best Wishes for New Year!

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