Russian Video: Dolphin (Snow)!


Last night, we watched a sad video: accident on Russian road (4 people died). I think it could happen in any country any time (We just wanted to tell all our readers: Please, Be Cautious! The world needs You!)

Be honest, I liked the song in the video and made some research about it… Today on Russian Video from Russia we will watch a beautiful original clip of the song. The name of the song is Snow (Снег):

The video “SNOW” is the result of teamwork of Andrey Lysikov Russian poet and musician, known by his stage name Dolphin (Дельфин) and the painter Oleg Lavrishev from Nizhniy Novgorod. Dolphin told: “The plot of the video is parting. The painter was just drawing on aglass in real time and the camera was filming from the other side and fixing all the painting process.”

If you like the video maybe you would like cartoons by Oscar winner Alexander Petrov (who makes his famous cartoons in paint-on-glass technique). You can watch his Alexander Petrov: “The Old Man And The Sea” or Alexander Petrov: “My Love” cartoons on Russian Video from Russia.

Or you can buy “The Old Man And The Sea” on DVD to watch it in the best quality:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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