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We apologize for delaying our Movie for Weekend, there was a technical reason that caused it.

Now we are back in business and glad to watch together with you an old Soviet movie “Republic Shkid” (Республика ШКИД), 1966:

The film is based on the eponymous book, written by two former street gangsters – Grigori Belykh and Leonid Panteleyev. Film is set in the 1920s St. Petersburg, Russia. Streets of the city are full of the homeless boys. They are caught to be raised and educated at the correction school named after Dostoevsky. The boys are street smart and difficult. But the faculty stands up to the challenge. The teaches are being devoted and caring, and gradually win the respect of the most difficult kids. The school director (the actor:Sergei Yursky) is a refined intellectual, who becomes a role model for the boys (IMDb).

Watching such movies is one more way to feel that era… The book (on what based the movie) is semi-autobiographical, semi-fictitious account of the Dostoevsky school written by two former students accurately reflects the school’s life and V. N. Soroka-Rosinsky’s part in it

For our readers who wants to know more:

V. N. Soroka-Rosinsky [Vicknixor in the movie] (1882-1960) – innovative Soviet teacher, director of the Dostoevsky School for the reeducation of homeless and delinquent but clever teenage boys, Leningrad from 1920-1925. Examines his theoretical writings and describes his activities at the Dostoevsky School.

We found a very interesting site devoted The Republic Shkid (in Russian): Республика ШКиД: книга, фильм, школа.

Crew: Director: Gennadij Poloka
Script: Leonid Panteleev, Evgenij Mit’ko
Camera: Dmitrij Dolinin, Aleksandr Chechulin
Music: Sergey Slonimsky

Cast: Sergei Yursky as Vicknixor
Yuliya Burygina as Elanlyum
Pavel Luspekayev as Kostalmed
Aleksandr Melnikov as Alnikpop
Anatoli Stolbov as Palvan
Georgii Kolosov as Meftakhutdyn
Vera Titova as Marta
Lev Vajnshtejn as Yankel
Viktor Perevalov as Goga
Aleksandr Kavalerov as Kostya Fedotov (“Mamochka”)
Vyacheslav Golubkov as Yaponets
Vladimir Kolesnikov as Sloyonov
Anatoli Podshivalov as Tsygan
Yuri Rychkov as Kupa Kupych Genialniy

© LENFILM, 1966

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