Russian Video: Sacret Russian singing Chesnokov's "Gabriel Appeared"


The main singer will stun you. Old voice in a very young man!

This choir is from Moscow.
They were recorded while they were touring through the Europe.
They defiantly are the great bunch with beautiful voices but it looks like this group gathered just for the tour. Nobody saw or heard of them after.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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4 thoughts on “Russian Video: Sacret Russian singing Chesnokov's "Gabriel Appeared"

  1. admin Post author

    Thank you for your comment, Lubashka.

    As I found out Soloist is Chernegov-Nomerov Egor (choral dir.)Чернегов-Номеров Егор Глебович.


  2. cwmllwch

    What a beautiful rendering. Reflects the deep spirituality of the Russian people. I am trying to find the soloist but no success yet. Any other recordings by him and his group would be very welcome.

  3. Malcolm Dale

    His name is Egor Chernegov-Nomerov and the last I heard he is driving a taxi for a living.
    Many people are looking fo him to sign him up!


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