Russian Video: Annunciation in Russia!


Today Russian Orthodox believers celebrate Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. The Annunciation is Heart of Russian Orthodox Church Holidays!

The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin is one of 12 church holidays, which is held in memory of the revelation to the Blessed Virgin by the angel Gabriel that she would conceive a child to be born the Son of God.

During this big holiday orthodox believers are allowed to eat fish. As you remember now there is Great Lent in Russia. And there are just two days when people who keeps the fast are allowed to eat fish. One of Church tradition this day is releasing doves.

Today we offer you to watch a video about Annunciation Old-Believers Service in Russian Village Andronovo (Moscow region). I think that’s very interesting!

If you like this video let’s continue to watch! To make it easier for your browser we hid the rest of this movie behind links “Part 2”, “Part 3”, … “Part 5”. Click the link to watch a part of the movie and click again to hide the part.)

Link: Part 2

Link: Part 3

Link: Part 4

Link: Part 5

Russian Video from Russia
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