Russian Video: Casinos Are Leaving Moscow!


Today I want to offer you a Russian video how they are closing casinos in Russia, and I hope forever!

Since 1990 the gaming industry in Russia has mushroomed. There are hundreds of casinos and hundreds of thousands of slot machines. They are in every urban residential area, by metro stations, schools and shopping centers. Any one over the age of 18 can go in and play.

Gambling: Win to Lose!

July, 2007 – New law restricts gambling in Russia:

The Last Day of Casino (The Game Is Over):

MOSCOW, July 30 (RIA Novosti):

Under a 2007 law designed to curb gambling in major cities and boost economic growth in poorer regions, casinos and other gaming establishments have to close in most of Russia by midnight on Tuesday.

The pollster surveyed 500 people from major Russian cities. A total of 72% said they supported the law, while 19% opposed it. Only 2% of respondents said they knew nothing about the issue and 7% said they were not interested in the problem.

Russian Video from Russia
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