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There was The Day of Mourning and Commemoration(22 June) this week. And for this weekend we picked up a movie with a title “Tomorrow Was The War” (Завтра была война). One more movie based on Boris Visiliev’s novels (we already watched “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”). That is not a movie about The War but that is drama about little town, school-pupils and school-teachers and their life one year before The War.

This movie gives much, too much, question after question, where no answer is absolute. It is movie about The Life, about the wish to live and about the fear of it. It describes the life of some young Sowjets before the break of the Nazi invasion, where the Sowjet presence is depicted with the real touch of emotions. As a typical Sowjet (Russian) movie the feeling and the play of the actors dominates, but because of the confrontation between young and old, in between the young ones and the old ones, there is no single cadre, which gives me a second of time to relax and I jump form one personage into another.” (kansaj from Tokyo)

International Film Festival in Koszalin (Poland) – Top Prize “Grand Amber”, 1987;
International Film Festival in Manheim – Special Jury Prize, 1987;
International Film Festival in Valladolid (Spain) – Grand Prix “Golden Spike”, 1987;
International Film Festival “Film Meetings in Dunkirque” (France) – Grand Prix, 1988;
A. Dovzhenko Gold Medal to director Yuri Kara, screenwriter Boris Vasilyev, actors Sergey Nikonenko and Nina Ruslanova, 1988;
“Nika” Award to actress Nina Ruslanova (for the films “Tomorrow Was the War”, “Sign of Misfortune”, “Brief Encounters”), 1987;

The crue:
Director: Yuri Kara
Writers: Boris Vasilyev (novel, screenplay)

The cast:
Sergey Nikonenko
Nina Ruslanova
Vera Alentova
Irina Cherichenko
Natalya Negoda
Vladimir Zamansky
Sergey Stolyarov
Vladislav Demchenko

© Gorky Film Studios, 1987.

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