Russian Video: Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures (Movie)!

As usual at weekends we watch full-length Soviet/Russian movies with English subtitles. This weekend we are watching an old (made 1965) Russian comedy “Operation Y and Other Shurik’s Adventures” (Операция Ы и Другие приключения Шурика).

The movie was made by outstanding Russian film director Leonid Gaidai. That was his third movie. We already watched: “Strictly Business” (Деловые люди) and Dog Barbos and Unusual Cross. Bootleggers (Пес Барбос и необыкновенный кросс).

“Operation Y and Other Shurik’s Adventures” сonsists of 3 independent parts: ‘Workmate’ (Напарник), ‘Delusion’ (Наваждение) and ‘Operation Y’ (Операция «Ы»).

This time we’ll get know another Gaidai’s favorite character Shurik: some serious student, he wears glasses and looks like nerd but he…. Let’s better watch! And yes we’ll meet again our favorite personages: comic trio of crooks Experienced, Coward and Fool. And Shurik we’ll meet them too (in one of the novels).

© MOSFILM, 1965.

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  1. Elena

    Thank you very much for the great job you made!!!! Now I can watch my favorite movies with the husband, (who doesn’t speak Russian:-)))) Thanks lot!!!


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