Russian Video: Tsar Nikolai II in Poltava, 1909!

Recently, we’ve watched a video about celebration of 300 anniversary of Poltava Battle in Russia and Ukraine. Today we found a unique documentary about celebration of 200 anniversary of Poltava Battle. This video was made in 1909 and you’ll see a visit of Russian Tsar Nikolai II to Poltava.

I think that is a great silent video – maybe you could come up with some idea about music for it?

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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4 thoughts on “Russian Video: Tsar Nikolai II in Poltava, 1909!

  1. Mea

    Dear Svet and Kyle,

    last year I did a history project with students from Poltava and Freiburg (Germany) on the Battle of Poltava. Now we have finished a booklet with texts about our results. I would love to use the picture of Tsar Nik´s visit 1909 in Poltava for our booklet. Where did you get the pic from? May I use it?

    Best wishes,
    Romea Kliewer

  2. admin

    Hello Mea,

    I think that I just copied this picture from the video, but we found for you a very good source about 200 Anniversary of Poltava battle: they have everything: old documents and pictures, pictures with tsar Nikolai II and even his speach on this anniversary.

    Please, ask your students to translate it:

    Best regards,
    Svet and Kyle

  3. uyvdx

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