Russian Video: In Memory Of Igor Tkachenko (Russian Knights Commander)!

Igor Tkachenko (Russian Knights Commander)

International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2009 opened today. Visitors watched magnificent performance in the sky… But today I want to show you what they did not watch: The aerobatic group Russian Knights whose commander colonel Igor Tkachenko was killed 16th of August when two Su-27 fighters collided during a training flight before the opening of the MAKS 2009 Air Show.

Today we are watching a video In Memory of Igor Tkachenko:

We will remember you, Igor!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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3 thoughts on “Russian Video: In Memory Of Igor Tkachenko (Russian Knights Commander)!

  1. Sreeshant

    He lived a Hero, he died a Hero. Far better than lesser mortals (like me, perhaps) who gaze skyward in awe but never get to touch it.
    May Igor’s soul rest in eternal peace.

  2. Jose Rastelli Junior

    I’m a Flight Controller 64 years old and I have an extreme passion as the Russian Knights perform the flights,since the training.I’ve talked about Russian Knights to my Flight Control colleags and bosses too.Russian Knights are “FANTASTICS”.


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