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An Old Russian Movie: Career of Spirka Shpandyr!

This weekend we will watch a really ancient Russian silent movie. It was made in 1926, by LeningradKino (now Lenfilm) studio.

They consider this movie as an adventure comedy. Since this is a silent movie without English subtitles it’s a good idea to read a plot:

Spirka Shpandyr, a petty crook and a swindler after serving a prison term escapes from the Soviet country. Abroad the swindler immediately finds common language with the police and becomes a paid police agent. He provokes all kinds of conflicts between capitalist government officials and Soviet missions. Spirka pretends to be a priest, a worker and, finally, a baron. This is how Spirka Shpandyr, a swindler and provocateur, the pride of Russian White emigration makes his brilliant career abroad.

The crew:
Director: Boris Svetlov, screenplay: G. Batargin, camera: Friedrich Verigo-Dorovsky, production designer: A. Goncharsky

The cast:
Cast: Leonid Utesov, Nina Zheleznova, Anatoly Nelidov, Yekaterina Podolskaya, Nikolai Shmidthof

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Elk in Losiny Ostrov!

Elk in Elk Island National ParkHello,

Now we live outskirt of Moscow (in Korolev town) that is near Losiny Ostrov National Park (Elk Island)). Today I want to show what an unusual beautiful video we found for you: Elk in Elk Island National Park.

That’s just unbelievable how close you can see an elk on Elk Island! (Push HQ button to watch video in better quality)

The author of next videos tells that the video is result of his every weekend video-hunting for years. Some of his walks were about 14 hours. He also told that no music is needed for the video as the wood itself provides the perfect sound . The noise present is due to the footage taken inside city borders close to roads.

And one more video of Elk in Elk Island now in real HD quality. And you can see all details of him. That’s so beautiful and interesting!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Baby’s Body Shows Koran Quotes!

All Russian TV channels show this unusual video about a 9 old month baby, whose body shows lines from Koran… Thousands people come to Dagestan‘s village Krasnooktyabrianskoe where the family with the baby lives. They all want to see this Miracle (Holy) – baby.. whose body shows Koran quotes twice a week (about Monday and Friday). Sorry, that’s the video is in Russian when we get one in English we’ll publish it right then:

Correspondent Omar Magomedov visited the family a miracle baby.

First signs of skin baby’s parents were perceived as birthmarks, then as irritation and postnatal scarring. Fearing for the health of the child, a young couple called the doctor of an ambulance, but doctors just shrugged, referring to the unknown science of skin disease.

Said Rasulova, the ward nurse: “From the standpoint of medicine, I can not explain what it is. With her mother’s words, it appears with the temperature.

At the invitation of relatives, family Yakubov visited a local priest, who saw a bizarre zigzag traces the Arabic word “Allah”, and later the prayers and even whole passages from the Koran. Two days ago, at the foot 9-month, Ali made another inscription. What a surprise it was a priest, when the same text of the prayer he found in the Holy Quran.

Abdullah, the imam of the village mosque: “The book is written, which is closer to the end of the world such inscriptions, signs will be apparent even to the human body. There are sayings in Islamic books. “

Now home photo album filled with pictures Yakubov with unusual inscriptions. In the form of an Arabic ligature often occurs on the back, legs and hands, a little less on her stomach and head. And, periodically one text is replaced by another. At this time, say doctors, a baby’s temperature rises to 40 ° C. For parents, this seemed to signal that soon the skin will make the next inscription.

Madina Yakubov, mother of Ali: “Keep it impossible. We have to be laid in the cradle, it raises the body like this, crying, crying. Temperature to 40 ° C rise. Very much a child suffers. Throughout the night, when it appears he is not asleep.

At the request of Madina child’s face we do not show, so as not jinxed. Not long ago about an unusual child was known only to parents, neighbors, local doctors, then with the advent of Arabic inscriptions, which translated literally means “show the signs of my people,” the news of the birth of a miracle baby broke up the whole neighborhood. Local priests have decided that this is a sign, but because the boy’s need to show people. Now the family Yakubov only has time to take crews and give interviews.

And. Yakubov began earnestly to pray and became deeply faithful. However, in the country a lot and those who still doubt the divine origin of the inscriptions.

Update 26 of October 2009 : Wahabis promise to burn down the house of the baby with Koran sayings on his skin

Moscow, October 26, Interfax – Wahabis have repeatedly threatened to burn down the house of Shamil and Madina Yakubovs from the Dagestan village of Krasnooktyabrskoye, after phrases from the Koran began appearing on the body of their nine-month-old son.

“They found it only unnatural that Allah showed his signs through a boy born in a family of a police officer! Wahabis consider us kafirun (the unbelievers – IF),” Magomed-Kadyr, the boy’s grandfather said as quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda daily on Monday.

According to him, their house was approached by a Gazel car in broad daylight, which brought a group of armed Wahabis. They demanded to show them the baby. Then they left threatening to come back. After that, Said Murtazaliyev, head of the district, provided them with a group of six security guards.

Ali’s mother says that the last “message of Allah” appeared on the baby’s body earlier that day. But when Wahabis were inspecting the baby, the saying disappeared to appear again after they left. The marks are said to disappear when an intoxicated neighbor dropped by and picked up the baby. The writings reappeared after he had left.

“We are not going to hide. There is no escape from your destiny,” Ali’s grandfather says.
(I’ve read the whole article in Russian, but here is a good enough translation of main part: Link)

For readers who wants to see more pictures with Koran’s quotation on the baby body (Link here)

Update 28 of October 2009 :
Finally Russia Today published video and an article about the Miracle.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Diaghilev's 'Ballets Russes' 100 Anniversary Exibition!

An exhibition in honor of the 100th anniversary of Diaghilev’s “Ballets Russes” has opened at Moscow’s Tretyakov gallery.

Over 500 items connected with the most significant figure in Russian ballet and the history of ballet will be exposed at the “Dance Vision” display.

Almost 50 original costumes, including constructivist costumes designed by Mikhail Larionov for “Chout” ballet (to the music by Sergei Prokofiev) and hand-painted suits for “Le Chant du Rossignol” designed by Henri Matisse are on display. There is even an original curtain brought from London created to a design by Pablo Picasso.

Later you can continue reading an article Revising Russian ballet history on Russia Today.

But we truly think that’s better 1 time to watch (even video in Russian) then just read about this interesting Diaghilev’s ‘Ballets Russes’ 100 Anniversary Exhibition. So let’s watch the video about this exibition from NTV Russian TV cannel:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: "Fall with Taste of Rowan"!

It’s almost winter in Russia… and we still want to enjoy beauties of the Gold fall (how we call it in Russia). “Fall with taste of rowan is the name of video what we are watching today.

The picture by Russian contemporary artist Пятакова Наталья Валентиновна.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Oops – Masyanya!

Oops - Masyanya!Masyanya was invented by Oleg Kuvaev (Олег Куваев) Russian artist, designer and animator. He started his flash-animation series in 2001. First these series were just sent by email from friends to friends, and when they were used in one of Russian TV shows Masyanya became really popular.

It took time for me to understand who is Masyanya – I even could not understand is it he or she… Now I know and tell you that Masyanya is a girl about 25 years old.. she is quite optimistic and quite cynic. Personally I like optimism and dislike cynicism so Masyanya is not my favorite personage… This Masyanya‘s cartoon is just optimistic (almost like Tom and Jerry… lol). And I publish it just for you to get known Russian Masyanya:

For our readers who wants to know more about Masyanya:

You can read more about Masyanya’s Dad (Oleg Kuvaev) in Wikipedia.
Masyanya’s website (in Russian) where you can find all series about Masyanya and her friends.
Archive of Masyanya’s cartoons.
English page on Masyanya’s site.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: American Jazz in Soviet Union!

Some people don’t believe that we in USSR were alowed to listen to jazz. Today I want to show you a beautiful jazz video – and you’ll see that in Soviet Union we were allowed to listen to jazz and even were allowed to sing jazz.

Today we are watching an old musical video. Irma Sokhadze (Ирма Сохадзе) sang this jazz composition in 1967!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Queen of the Gypsies (Film, 1975)

Gypsies.. who are they. Why they are live this way and where they are always going. “I want to get to the end of world and come back” – The main character beauty Rada answers the question. There are you will meet Romany passion and pride, their thirst of freedom, for ‘the road’ and a lot of of beautiful Gypsy songs and dances in this musical film.

Queen of the Gypsies (Табор уходит в небо (Russian), Gypsy Camp Vanishes Into the Blue (UK)) was made in 1975, by Moldavian film director Emil Loteanu. The movie is based on short story “Makar Chudra” by great Soviet writer Maxim Gorky.

In 1976 “Queen of the Gypsies” won the Golden Seashell at San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Russian Video from Russia
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