Russian Video: Elk in Losiny Ostrov!

Elk in Elk Island National ParkHello,

Now we live outskirt of Moscow (in Korolev town) that is near Losiny Ostrov National Park (Elk Island)). Today I want to show what an unusual beautiful video we found for you: Elk in Elk Island National Park.

That’s just unbelievable how close you can see an elk on Elk Island! (Push HQ button to watch video in better quality)

The author of next videos tells that the video is result of his every weekend video-hunting for years. Some of his walks were about 14 hours. He also told that no music is needed for the video as the wood itself provides the perfect sound . The noise present is due to the footage taken inside city borders close to roads.

And one more video of Elk in Elk Island now in real HD quality. And you can see all details of him. That’s so beautiful and interesting!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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