Russian Video: Teddy Bears in Russia!

I think everybody in the world love cute teddy bears and I’ll tell you what Russians just love teddy bears! (Being an author of blog about Blogger (in Russian) I met a lot of Russian bloggers who make teddy bears by themselves. They have very beautiful blogs with pictures of these beautiful soft toys the present them to each other, exchange and even sell them. Today we watch a short segment of Russian News they show for us an exhibition “Hello, Teddy”, what just started in Moscow.

By the way, we call Teddy Bear – Плюшевый медведь in Russian.

For our readers who wants to check come of Russian Teddy Bear’s blogs I’ll give a small list of such blogs:

Authors of these blogs are taking part in this Teddy Bear’s Exhibition “Hello, Teddy!” — they demonstrate their handmade Teddy Bears (Плюшевых мишек).

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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