Peculiarities of the National Hunt (Russian movie)!

Peculiarities of the National Hunt

Peculiarities of the National Hunt (Особенности национальной охоты в осенний период) is a bright comedy of modern time (1995).

Finn Raivo studies Russian habits and writes a book about Russian hunting traditions. He comes to Russian and to look at the hunting traditions closely joins a group of Russian men (Army general, a police detective, a local forest ranger (a devotee of Zen Buddhism) and some big-city types from St. Petersburg) who is going to hunt. And the comedy starts: You’ll see all stereotypes about Russia bears, bathhouse (sauna) and vodka, that will be too much, but if you have been in Russia you will think there is something from reality in this comedy or at least it could be or it could happened.

Directed by Aleksandr Rogozhkin
Produced by Aleksandr Golutva
Written by Aleksandr Rogozhkin
Music by Vladimir Panchenko
Cinematography Andrei Zhegalov
Editing by Tamara Denisova

Ville Haapasalo – Raivo (as Ville Khaapasalo)
Viktor Bychkov – Kuzmich
Sergei Ruskin – Sergei Olegovich
Aleksey Buldakov – General
Semyon Strugachyov – Lyova Soloveychik
Sergei Kupriyanov – Kachalov
Sergei Guslinsky – Semyonov
Igor Sergeyev – Count
Igor Dobryakov – Nobleman
Yuri Makusinsky – Hunter
Boris Cherdyntsev – Commandant
Aleksandr Zavyalov – Ensign

Lenfilm, 1995

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