Through the Thorns to the Stars (Soviet Science Fiction Movie)!

Recently Kyle and me watched an old Soviet sci fi movie “Through the Thorns to the Stars” (Через терни к звездам). I did not watch the movie since my childhood and now I watched it like the first time. I was so impressed by this movie and the actors job Sometimes their play seemed exaggerated but it did not irritate, we felt like in the theater and all character were so clear expressed on the screen.

This movie made by Kir Bulychev novel looks like a dream, dream of community of future dream about people who has interesting job and enjoy this job a lot (and yes, in Soviet Union a lot of people lived like that). Sci fi plot was very interesting also. So I strongly recommend you to watch the movie.

Directed by Richard Viktorov
Written by Richard Viktorov (screenplay)
Kir Bulychyov (novel)
Music by Aleksei Rybnikov
Sergei Skripka (conductor)
Cinematography Aleksandr Rybin
Editing by Lyubov Pushkina (ed.)

Distributed by Gorky Film Studio

Release date(s) 1981

Yelena Metyolkina as Niya
Vadim Ledogorov as Cadet Stepan Lebedev
Uldis Lieldidz as Sergei Lebedev
Yelena Fadeyeva as Maria Pavlovna
Vatslav Dvorzhetsky as Petr Petrovich
Nadezhda Semyontsova as Professor Nadezhda Ivanova
Aleksandr Lazarev as Professor Klimov
Aleksandr Mikhajlov as Dreier
Boris Shcherbakov as Navigator Kolotin
Igor Ledogorov as Ambassador Rakan
Igor Yasulovich as Torki
Gleb Strizhenov as Glan
Vladimir Fyodorov as Turanchoks
Yevgeni Karelskikh

I was very pleased to read such opinion about this movie: Summing up I want to say this film is not a cheap entertainment as some comments here suggest. It is a very kind, heartful, gentle, touching and thought-provoking movie. It is about love – love to people, love to the Earth. Of course there is certain naivity about the film, but it only adds positive to its atmosphere. I see everything quite balanced in it. Some may see flaws in film’s imperfect setting (compared with “Alien” or “Star Wars” for example)- of course Holliwood was much more advanced in Sci-fi making (and a lot richer besides), than the Soviet cinema. But that does not seem too important.

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  1. Paulo Renato

    Thank you very, very, very much for everything you’ve done here in this blog. I just can’t stop visiting you every day. Such a great jewel for those who have interest on learning more about our great mother Russia. Cheers and UHAAAAA from Brazil.

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