Russian Video: Kashtanka (Movie, 1975).

Anton Chekhov recently turned 150! And today I want to show you a very interesting Russian movie made by a story of Anton Chekhov “Kashtanka”.

The movie “Kashtanka” was made by movie director Roman Balayan in 1975.

Kashtanka a little dog half dachshund half mutt lived with a carpenter. Once she got lost and a circus artist found her and took to his home….

The movie is slow, you can learn a lot of details of Russian life more than hundred yeas ago, look at the life by little doggy eyes.

I think this movie deserves to be watched even without English subtitles, but I recommend you also to read the whole Anton Chekhov story Kashtanka in English first.

In this movie you also watch very good Russian actors: Lev Durov, Oleg Tabakov, Zoya Nedbay, Slava Borisov.

Russian Video from Russia
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