Russian Video: Smeshariki Meet Maslenitsa!

Smeshariki Meet Maslenitsa!

Have you ever heard about “Smeshariki”?

“Smeshariki” (literally translated “laughing balls”) was created in order to educate the younger generation and teach children to avoid being judgmental. It is the first large-scale animated series for kids in Russia that is being produced with the assistance of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

“Smeshariki” represents an imagery world in which events happen to be reality-based, the ones a child might face in day-to-day life. Villains do not appear in the series, while main characters are benevolent and frank. Each episode is a separate metaphorical story, either comical and funny or lyrical and thought-provoking.

Here is a video from Russia Today tells about Smeshariki:

But our main video is “Smeshriki meet Maslenitsa” (The cartoon is in Russian – but you and your kids will understand everything. I promise!)

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Russian Video from Russia
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