Guest From The Future (Russian Movie)!

Today we watch Russian full-length movies with English subtitles. Today we will watch series for kids “Guest from the future”. This movie was made in 1985 and all school-kids in Soviet Union was in love with it and with the main character of this movie Alisa Selezneva. Movie was based on the novel “One Hundred Years Ahead” by Kir Bulychev.

Guest from the future – Part 1:

Guest from the future – Part 2:

Guest from the future – Part 3:

Guest from the future – Part 4:

Guest from the future – Part 5:

For our readers who wants to know more:

Alexander Sedov writes about “Guest from the future”.

Another movies based on Kir Bulychev novels:

The Mistery of the Third Planet (cartoon)
Through the Thorns to the Stars

Directed by Pavel Arsenov
Written by Pavel Arsenov, Kir Bulychev
Editing by Tatyana Malyavina
Music by Yevgeni Krylatov

Natalya Guseva as Alisa Seleznyova
Aleksei Fomkin as Kolya Gerasimov
Maryana Ionesyan as Yulya Gribkova
Ilya Naumov as Fima Korolyov
Vyacheslav Nevinny as Veselchak U (lit. Jolly Man U)
Mikhail Kononov as Krys (lit. Rat)
Georgi Burkov as Alik Borisovich (doctor)
Yevgeni Gerasimov as Robot Verter
Valentina Talyzina as Mariya Pavlovna
Natalya Varley as Marta Erastovna
Yelena Metyolkina as Polina
Vladimir Nosik as Grandfather Pavel
Yuri Grigoryev as Professor Seleznyov
Mariya Sternikova as Shurochka
Andrei Gradov as Ishutin

© Gorky Film Studio films, 1985.

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9 thoughts on “Guest From The Future (Russian Movie)!

  1. Sam

    Just like to say how much I have loved this series and how greatful I am for you putting it here. It would be impossible for me to watch otherwise. Thanks a lot from New Zealand.

  2. Henry Hotspur

    This is great!

    But there seems to be something wrong with part five…

    : (

    Please fix part five, don’t leave me in suspense!

    : )

    1. admin Post author

      Leon, please, try to load the part again. I think, it should work.

      Best regards from Russian Video from Russia.

  3. Elsen

    “all school-kids in Soviet Union was in love with it” – yes definitely. I was one of them. 🙂 Thanx for sharing.


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