Russian Video: Grum (Groom) Shot Movie By Elem Klimov, 1960!

Recently, we watched a very good Russian comedy for kids No Holidays for Inochkin made by movie director Elem Klimov. And I already mentioned that Elem Klimov is famous as movie director who works with kids very well.

Today, I want to show you one more of his movies. “Grum” (Жиних). Grom is misspelled Groom. The movie is silent so you understand everything.

Pupils of elementary school have a math test. The teacher are bored and reading “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. She almost does not watch the class at all, but we do! And we will watch almost Shakspear’s tragedy in this class of the kids.

“Жиних” (misspelled Жених/Groom) on the back of one boy…

“Zhinih” was awarded the prize at the film festival of student films VGIK.

The movie was a coursework of Elem Klimov when he attended VGIK (All-Russian State University of Cinematography).

Russian Video from Russia
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