Artem Justin Hanson is Back in Russia!

Tonight I was just shocked when I’ve read a story of 8 year old boy whose American foster parents sent him alone back to Russia because… because they didn’t want him anymore.

Russia Today video on Artem Justin Hanson

Pavel Astahov (the Russian representative on children’s rights) on RIAN Video speaks about Artem Justin Hanson)

More information on this case you can find here: American Parents Just Shipped Adopted Child Back To Russia Alone, With Note! (a lot of addition info in the comments also). Now Windows to Russia published two more articles on Artem Justin Hanson and since there are more and more new information in Russian sources is going to continue and update this theme.

Our friend from USA Marley an author of The Daily Bastardette already put two very impressive articles about this case what I highly recommend you to read! It’s even easier to follow the articles in her another blog Nobody is forgotten follow this topic Artem (Artyom) Justin Hansen

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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4 thoughts on “Artem Justin Hanson is Back in Russia!

  1. Arthur Lookyanov

    Misled by Nancy Hansen, I met Artem in Domodedovo airport at 10:45 am on April 8, 2010 and the whole day I spent this this boy till he was taken into hospital #21. Due to the fact that the media may wrongly interpret events without knowing the details of what happened, I decided to write full story in details about how I came up into this story and what happened at those crazy for my day… You are welcome to read the truth…


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