Russian Video: Old Khottabych (Movie for kids)!

This weekend we are watching one of the best Soviet movies for kids “Old Hottabych”, in USA this movie is known as “The Flying Carpet”. “Old Hottabych” was made in 1956 by Gennadiy Kazansky (He directed “The Amphibian Man” movie, what we already watched here.)

The fantasy comedy film based on a book “The Old Gennie Hottabych” what was written in 1938 by Lazar Lagin. In 1956 the author made some changes to the story and the movie is based on new version of it.

In this movie we will meet Volka (a 12 years old pupil one of Moscow school), his friends and an old (3732 years old) Gennie Khottabych, who tries to help Volka in all his wishes.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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4 thoughts on “Russian Video: Old Khottabych (Movie for kids)!

  1. Katarina Antonsdotter

    Privet! Thank you for this blog! =)I am from Sweden but have acquired an interest in Russia the past time. I have been looking for Russian blogs to get closer to Russia. I spent my christmas in Moscow with a friend, but it is a bit hard here in Gothenburg to keep up the Russian language process. =) This video about Volka is great for learning the language, did not know this before. It is great to see your Russian culture here! Kind regards, Katarina. Paka! =)

  2. RB

    Ставлю большую жирную “птичку” на этот пост – скоро в английских школах начинаются каникулы – старик Хоттабыч будет просмотрен моей дочкой всенепременно!

  3. RB

    Посмотрели Хоттабыча с удовольствием. В 2 присеста, но с первого кадра до последнего! Спасибо! Огромную пользу оказали английские субтитры. Ребенок, что не догонял по-русски добирал в субтитрах.
    Очень понравилось.
    Нельзя ли разместить еще что-нибудь для нас полезное? Спасибо.

  4. Jurij Fedorov

    I have bought the movie online from a Russian website. But I lend it to one of my brothers and they can’t seem to find it. I would appreciate it a lot if you could send me the movie DVD file as I can’t find it on any torrent.


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