Russian Movie: My Friend Ivan Lapshin (English subtitles)

Today we are watching a movie “My Friend Ivan Lapshin” directed by Aleksei German. This movie made on Russian film-studio Lenfilm in 1986.

At the beginning of the movie we see an old man who is watching his grandson playing and he starts to recollect his past when he was a kid and they lived in “kommunalnaya kvartira” (an apartment what shared by a few families). The movie is turned to a black-white version and we will watch a little piece of life in Russian provincial town Unchansk.

Ivan Lapshin is the head of the investigation department of local police. He is catching gangs and falling in love, he has friends and lives his life… You will be surprised by not finding anything terrible in soviet life in 1937.

It’s a very good movie and worth watching.

A few links for our readers who wants to read more about the movie:


My Friend Ivan Lapshin
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Svet and Kyle

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2 thoughts on “Russian Movie: My Friend Ivan Lapshin (English subtitles)

  1. Pierre Lafrance

    I have thoroughly enjoyed many movies you posted, especially featuring Трус, Балбес и Бывалый, а тоже Иван Васильевич меняет профессию. Leonid Gaidai was a genius.

    Are you planning to post new Russian movies?



  2. henri bergson

    Svet and Kyle:
    Thank you very much for putting Lapshin up, and hosting it here!! Since German died last week (2/21/2013) it’s a great way to remember his work, by watching this film. Especially since it was based on the story of his father, Yuri.


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