Russian Video: Vyacheslav Polunin on the pictures!

Slava Polunin in Snowshow
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What do we know about clowns? People whose profession is to make us laugh?

Photographer Vladimir Mushukov spent two years by following outstanding Russian clown Vyacheslav Polunin. People all over the world loves him and admit he is not the simple he is a very deep person and artist.

On the site of Slava Polunin you can read what he is thinking about his theater:

What Is My Kind of Theatre?
The Theatre I Love

– It is a kind of wedding cavalcade,
where I try to marry everyone to everyone;

– It is a theatre of ritual magic
and festive pageantry,
constructed on the basis of images and movements,
games and fantasies,
that are the common creation of the audience and the people of the theatre;

– It is a theatre which inexorably grows
from dreams and tales;

– It is a theatre of hopes and dreams,
full of longing and loneliness,
losses and disillusionment;

– It is a theatre which always changes,
which breaths spontaneous improvisation
and cares scrupulously for tradition;

– It is in the vein of contemporary
multi-layered synthesis,
on the boundary of life and art;

– It is a theatre that works in an epic-intimate alloy
of tragedy and comedy,
of absurdity and naivity,
of cruelty and gentleness;

– It is a theatre which escapes
definition and the unequivocal
understanding of its actions,
as from attempts
to usurp its freedom.

Slava Polunin

For our readers who wants to know and watch more:

Personal site of Slava Poluning:
An old video of Slava Polunin “Blue Canary” –

Russia Video form Russia

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