In Russia The Bear Better Stay in the Woods…

Russia has a lot of bears and by nature people are very tolerant of bears. But when a bear is removed from the Slovakian town of Martin on Wednesday night after causing some issues amongst the townspeople, then decides to comes back to play some more. The bear wore out its welcome and became terminated…

This is a real video and if you do not want to see a bear shot. Do not watch the video… (You have been warned and also no little doggy was hurt in the making of this video) 🙂

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Sveta and Kyle

6 thoughts on “In Russia The Bear Better Stay in the Woods…

  1. Rubric

    Свет, а в этом шаблоне нет подписки на комментарии? Что-то не вижу. А прикрутить нельзя? Неудобно же! Смысл тогда е-майл адрес впечатывать?

    1. admin Post author

      Подключила возможность отвечать на комментарии и выстраивать их цепочкой – поставила одну галочку.

      И установила плагин “Подписка на комментарии” – будем тестировать? 😉


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