Russian Video: Russian Crazy and Russian Driving….

Russians really have no concept of defensive driving. They run red lights like it is a law that they are suppose to run them. They drive right through any intersection like they have closed their eyes and hope God drives for them. This short video is so common to experience while you drive Moscow. This video is about St. Petersburg but as I see they drive the same there also…

In Russia I look both ways three times before I take off from a stop light and it has saved us multiples of time from having what you see in the video as a wreck. The light could be red and sometimes 20 cars will continue through it and not stop. The people with a green light have to either wreck there car or wait. It is the person that runs a red light after everyone is stopped that gets you. I have seen people drive up on the sidewalk and around the cars stopped at a red light and drive into the intersection and wreck…

All you can do is wonder are they really that bad of drivers?

Russian Video From Russia!

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