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Russian Video: Stuck in a Trash Chute…

A man got stuck in a rubbish chute trying to hide from his girlfriend after an argument in the city of Tyumen.

­The 31-year old jumped into the pipe on the eighth floor and fell three floors down before getting trapped. He then started crying for help – luckily, he was not injured.

Rescue workers had to use an electric saw to cut the metal and extricate the victim. Then they passed him to a waiting ambulance team.

Tyumen police say this is not the first time they have had to rescue someone from a rubbish chute.

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Russian Video: Moose-on-the-loose mingle with Muscovites…

Three moose have been wandering freely around the streets of Moscow today, thrilling local residents.

­One moose stood right outside a local police station, while the others set up camp in front of a residential block in Sokolniki. Officers patrolled the area to ensure the safety of residents and the animals.

It is thought the moose escaped from an animal sanctuary next to Sokolniki Park. Several attempts were made to drive the animals back, but they kept returning. The latest reports suggest they have now gone home.

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Russian Video: The 1st of May in Russia 2012

Russia: The Fist of MayThe 1st of May is International Workers’ Day.

Let’s watch how Russia celebrates it. The official video from Russian state 1st Channel will show us 120 thousands of people who marched and celebrated on the streets of Moscow, Russian President and Prime Minister of Russia among of them.

Russian Video from Russia.