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Russian Movie: A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines (English subtitles)

A Man from Boulevard des Capucines – a comedy-western by Alla Surikova and Eduard Akopov. Mr. First – a missionary from the movie opens a silent cinema theatre in a remote town in the Wild West U.S. at the beginning of XX century. Mans life here is cheap and consists of the basic pleasures of drinking debauchery and fights. First truly believes that cinematography is able to re-educate these people and indeed its first showing works wonders.

Bandits and unrestrained drinkers are reborn and start a new life after seeing the screen works of the Lumiere brothers and Chaplin. They quit drinking and learn etiquette. First offers showings to women and Indians to show that cinema is alien to prejudice based on race and gender. First finds his true love among his audience – Miss Diana Little. The idyll does not last long… MOSFILM 1987.

Post by Kyle Keeton
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