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Russian Video: New Year Wishes for Artyom Savelyev (Artem Justin Hanson)!

We wrote a few articles in April 2010 about Artem Justin Hanson. His story was sad. He was been adopted from Russia and brought to USA… In 6 month after getting in United States he was sent “home” to Russia alone…

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Artyom Savelyev
Just before New Year Russian Child Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov visited Artyom Savelyev (that is new Russian name for Artem Justin Hanson). Let’s watch the video:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Medvedev wants to use WikiLeaks!

“The global information flow, into which our globe has been plunged, has significantly changed the decision-making system and produced new problems. Some of them have lately been, so to speak, in public view,” Medvedev said at a ceremony in Moscow marking 90 years since the agency was formed.

Referring to the leaked US diplomatic messages he pointed out that there are both negative and positive aspects to the situation.

“This is good in some respects – at least this enables the intelligence service to employ more analytical potential and look at how your potential rivals see you. This also makes things more difficult, because it’s clear that nobody can feel safe against such problems today, and this needs to be taken into account in your current work,” Medvedev said.

Russian Video from Russia
Kyle and Svet

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Russian Video: Snow Comedy!

That is the most popular video in Russia this week. A lot of Russian bloggers embed it in their posts. Video is silent and easy to understand…

That’s sad to admit but most people are this way, are not they?

Russian Video from Russia:
Svet and Kyle

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Russian video: Vladimir Putin can sing!

“Like the majority of people I cannot – but do like to sing and to play – so you’ll have to rough it,” he warned as he sat at the piano and played the beginning of Blueberry Hill. The tune was immediately caught by Maceo Parker’s jazz band. The prime minister then took the mic and sang it in English himself.

Putin sings!The charity fundraiser reception was dedicated to fighting children’s cancer and took place yesterday at ice stadium in St. Petersburg.

Russian Video from Russia
Kyle and Svet

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Russian Video: Come to Russia, Bring your money!

Russia is named the second-best place in the world for investors seeking a tax break.

As the researchers discovered, investors in the Russian economy can count on taking home 60 percent of their income, with the other 40 percent going to taxes and dividends.

Better conditions are provided only in Saudi Arabia, where individuals get to keep 100 percent of their income, while organizations end up with about 80 percent….

Find out details in the Russia today video: