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Russian Video: We Got Ticks in Russia and They Are Mean and Deadly…

As summer gets underway so does killer tick season.

­The ticks are found mainly in forests. Over 200,000 people have already been bitten, with half catching tick-borne encephalitis which can cause paralysis and death.

Here are some simple guidelines on how to avoid being bitten. When walking in the forest, avoid touching tree branches. Ticks like to hang out on them and they could fall on you. Also, cover your body from top to bottom – no shorts or T-shirts. That may sound tough in summer but it could save your life!

Russian Video From Russia!

In Russia The Bear Better Stay in the Woods…

Russia has a lot of bears and by nature people are very tolerant of bears. But when a bear is removed from the Slovakian town of Martin on Wednesday night after causing some issues amongst the townspeople, then decides to comes back to play some more. The bear wore out its welcome and became terminated…

This is a real video and if you do not want to see a bear shot. Do not watch the video… (You have been warned and also no little doggy was hurt in the making of this video) 🙂

Russian Videos From Russia!
Sveta and Kyle

Russian Video: Young Russians Have Fun in Hot Weather!

There is hot weather in Russia. Very unusual temperature +32..+37C (89..98F) for Moscow. People try to make fun of it. Wet Flashmob is one of the action!

You just watched a Russia Today video about the Wet flashmob if you want to see more of it watch a Russian made video of the wet flash mob.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Surfer on the St. Petersburg streets!

Everyday life video in Russian city St.Petersburg: “Surfing on the streets of St. Peterburg

This video was called the best video in Internet for the week by Russian TV-show Вести.net

And here you can watch even more surfing on St.Petersburg streets. Is’not it impressive?

What were impressed you more the guy who carried girls cross the street or the surfing guy? 😉

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Moscow Russia and Her Therapy!

Svet shoot this video next day after the tragedy. I took what she shot with her camera and removed the static background sound. Added a beautiful piece of music called Serenity Funeral! It came out pretty good for a bumbling bear like me…
Good to watch and absorb facts that people die everyday because of senseless acts of violence…
I hope you like it!
Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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A Day of Mourning in Russia!

Today we have photos taken by Svet and a video from Russia Today: Today is a day of mourning in Russia!

Svetlana travels this Metro almost everyday of her life and today she captured on film a Moscow in mourning.
One of the little known facts about this Metro bombing was that most of the victims are young adults suffering from massive internal injuries. That is because this was also known as the University line. (At least that is what I call it.) Students are traveling to the Moscow University to attend classes…
The massive internal injuries where caused in part by the fact that the explosives were designed on purpose to have excess shrapnel in them. The plastic explosive was embedded with nails, nuts, bolts and other small metal objects. Then when the explosion goes off it sends hundreds of projectiles in all directions to maximize injuries and death…
The dead and injured include students from around the world also. That information will be brought out later in time.

Russian Video: Chukotka and Chukchi!

Today we are watching one of the most interesting videos about Chukotka.

Chukotka (Чуко́тка), is a federal subject of Russia (an autonomous okrug) located in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Chukchi is native nation of Chukotka. The word “Chukchi” means “rich in reindeer“. These people who live in the Russian Far East can’t imagine their life without the usual Chukchi routine: hunting, cooking, engraving beautiful pictures on walrus tusks and praying with their shaman.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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