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Russian Video: Maxim Troshin – Russian Robertino Loretti!

Maxim TroshinHello,

Today I want to introduce you an incredible Russian singer, poet and composer Maxim Troshin. We will a watch a beautiful and heartbreaking video of his song “Don’t Sing, Nightingale” (Lyrics and music – Hieromonk Roman Matyushin). In his young age people called him Russian Robertino Loretti for his magnificent voice. Today you’ll understand why:

Russian Lyrics and English translation:

Ты не пой соловей
возле кельи моей,
И молитве моей
не мешай соловей.

Я и сам много лет
в этом мире страдал
Пережил много бед
и отрады не знал.

А теперь я боюсь
и судьбы и людей
И скорбями делюсь
с тесной кельей своей.

Улетай соловей,
улетай в те края,
Улетай поскорей,
где отчизна моя.

Просвисти нежно ей,
как я болен душой,
Вспоминая о ней
заливаюсь слезой.

Я хочу позабыть
те минувшие дни,
И я должен любить
только четки одни.

Я хочу позабыть
тот обманчивый свет,
И я решил тогда жить
до конца своих лет.

Прилетай соловей
когда кончу я путь,
На могиле моей
тогда сядь отдохнуть.

Ты не пой соловей
против кельи моей,
И молитве моей
не мешай соловей .

Don’t sing, nightingale,
Near my cell.
Don’t disturb my prayer,

I myself suffered
For many years in this world.
I endured great pain
And didn’t know any joy.

And now I fear both
Fate and people
And I share my sorrows
With my tiny cell.

Fly away, nightingale,
Fly away to those lands.
Fly away as soon as possible
To my fatherland.

Whistle gently to it
About my heartaches,
When I’m thinking of it,
I burst into tears.

I would like to forget
All my bygone days.
And now I must love
Only rosary.

I would like to forget
That deceptive world.
I’ve decided to live out my life
This way.

Come back, nightingale,
When I pass away,
And sit on my grave
To have a rest.

Don’t sing, nightingale,
Near my cell.
Don’t disturb my prayer,

Maxim Troshin sang his own and folk and patriotic songs and religious (Orthodox Christian) songs. He tragically died at the age of 16. I hope you like the song we will publish his another songs in our Russian Video from Russia blog…

Russian Video from Russia
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