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White Bim the Black Ear (Russian Movie with English subtitles)!

White Bim the Black Ear (Russian Movie)This weekend we are watching a touching Russian movie made in 1977 and directed by Stanislav Rostotsky: White Bim the Black Ear.

White Bim the Black Ear is a story of a white setter with black ear who one day became homeless because of hospitalization of his Daddy. During his homeless life Bim met a lot of different people some of them were kind to him and some of them were not…

Monument of White Bim the Black EarThere is a monument of White Bim the Black Ear in Russian city Voronezh.

And you can read inscription on his collar: “His name is Bim. He waits for his master. He knows his home well. Do not hurt him, people …”

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Andrei Rublev: The Passion According to Andrei (Movie, 1966)

Today we are watching a movie “Andrei Rublev: The Passion According to Andrei” directed by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1966.

The movie tells us about not easy journey of monk Andrei Rublev (the greatest medieval Russian painter of Orthodox icons and frescoes) during not easy time in Russia. But that is not historical movie the movie is just loosely based on the life of real Andrei Rublev.

The movie Andrei Rublev is widely regarded as a masterpiece and one of Tarkovsky’s best works. “Andrei Rublev” belongs 100 the world best movies. But the movie is hard to watch and it has violent scenes.

I highly recommend you to watch this documentary video about “Andrei Rublev: The Passion According to Andrei” Tarkovsky’s. I think it will help to understand it:

Andrei Rublev (Part 1)

Andrei Rublev (Part 2)

1969 Cannes Film Festival – FIPRESCI Prize
1971 French Syndicate of Cinema Critics – Critics Award(Best Foreign Film)
1973 Jussi Awards – Jussi (Foreign Film)

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Russian Video: The Diamond Arm (Movie)!

This weekend we continue watching movies by Leonid Gaidai Russian outstanding director of comedy-movies.

The Diamond Arm was made in 1968, directed by slapstick director Leonid Gaidai and starred several famous Soviet actors, including Yuri Nikulin, Andrei Mironov, Anatoli Papanov, Nonna Mordyukova and Svetlana Svetlichnaya. The Diamond Arm has become a Russian cult film. It was also one of the all-time leaders at the Soviet box office with over 76,700,000 theatre admissions in the Soviet era.

The beginning:
The main character Semen Semenovich Gorbunkov (Yuri Nikulin) is sent abroad on a tourist trip on a cruise ship. During a walk in one eastern city he accidentally slipped and got dislocated arm. But it turns out, when he exclaimed “Damn!” because the word smugglers used as a password. Semen Semenovich lost consciousness and smugglers plastered bandage, packed with gold and diamonds on his arm…

Continue “The Diamond Arm” story we will watch here (with English subtitles):

To watch movies directed by Leonid Gaidai on Russian Video from Russia click: Leonid Gaidai movies.

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Guest From The Future (Russian Movie)!

Today we watch Russian full-length movies with English subtitles. Today we will watch series for kids “Guest from the future”. This movie was made in 1985 and all school-kids in Soviet Union was in love with it and with the main character of this movie Alisa Selezneva. Movie was based on the novel “One Hundred Years Ahead” by Kir Bulychev.

Guest from the future – Part 1:

Guest from the future – Part 2:

Guest from the future – Part 3:

Guest from the future – Part 4:

Guest from the future – Part 5:

For our readers who wants to know more:

Alexander Sedov writes about “Guest from the future”.

Another movies based on Kir Bulychev novels:

The Mistery of the Third Planet (cartoon)
Through the Thorns to the Stars

Directed by Pavel Arsenov
Written by Pavel Arsenov, Kir Bulychev
Editing by Tatyana Malyavina
Music by Yevgeni Krylatov

Natalya Guseva as Alisa Seleznyova
Aleksei Fomkin as Kolya Gerasimov
Maryana Ionesyan as Yulya Gribkova
Ilya Naumov as Fima Korolyov
Vyacheslav Nevinny as Veselchak U (lit. Jolly Man U)
Mikhail Kononov as Krys (lit. Rat)
Georgi Burkov as Alik Borisovich (doctor)
Yevgeni Gerasimov as Robot Verter
Valentina Talyzina as Mariya Pavlovna
Natalya Varley as Marta Erastovna
Yelena Metyolkina as Polina
Vladimir Nosik as Grandfather Pavel
Yuri Grigoryev as Professor Seleznyov
Mariya Sternikova as Shurochka
Andrei Gradov as Ishutin

© Gorky Film Studio films, 1985.

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Russian Video: Grum (Groom) Shot Movie By Elem Klimov, 1960!

Recently, we watched a very good Russian comedy for kids No Holidays for Inochkin made by movie director Elem Klimov. And I already mentioned that Elem Klimov is famous as movie director who works with kids very well.

Today, I want to show you one more of his movies. “Grum” (Жиних). Grom is misspelled Groom. The movie is silent so you understand everything.

Pupils of elementary school have a math test. The teacher are bored and reading “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. She almost does not watch the class at all, but we do! And we will watch almost Shakspear’s tragedy in this class of the kids.

“Жиних” (misspelled Жених/Groom) on the back of one boy…

“Zhinih” was awarded the prize at the film festival of student films VGIK.

The movie was a coursework of Elem Klimov when he attended VGIK (All-Russian State University of Cinematography).

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Russian Video: No Holidays for Inochkin (Movie)!


Today we will talk about and watch an old Russian movie (with English subtitles) “Добро пожаловать или Посторонним вход воспрещен” (known also as “Welcome, or No Trespassing”). This comedy movie was made as diploma work by outstanding Russian movie director Elem Klimov in 1964.

We will live a life of young pioneers with main movie characters for the next 74 minutes. Some people call this movie satiric – but for me that is just a comedy and this comedy is not very far from real life. This situation is known by me (been 13 years old I was expelled from camp… for really nothing).

Kostya Inochkin a very good swimmer broke one of important rules in the camp and swam by himself to an island for what was expelled from the camp. But he did not go home because he did not want to upset his Granny (he even thought that Granny could die from such upset). So he stayed in the camp but illegally… That will be a big adventure. And I recommend you to watch it!

What else could I tell… kids play very naturally in the movie. Elem Klimov is well known like movie director who can work with kids.

May be that will be interesting for you that in reality Elem Klimov has never been in young pioneer camp.

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Russian Video: Kashtanka (Movie, 1975).

Anton Chekhov recently turned 150! And today I want to show you a very interesting Russian movie made by a story of Anton Chekhov “Kashtanka”.

The movie “Kashtanka” was made by movie director Roman Balayan in 1975.

Kashtanka a little dog half dachshund half mutt lived with a carpenter. Once she got lost and a circus artist found her and took to his home….

The movie is slow, you can learn a lot of details of Russian life more than hundred yeas ago, look at the life by little doggy eyes.

I think this movie deserves to be watched even without English subtitles, but I recommend you also to read the whole Anton Chekhov story Kashtanka in English first.

In this movie you also watch very good Russian actors: Lev Durov, Oleg Tabakov, Zoya Nedbay, Slava Borisov.

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Peculiarities of the National Hunt (Russian movie)!

Peculiarities of the National Hunt

Peculiarities of the National Hunt (Особенности национальной охоты в осенний период) is a bright comedy of modern time (1995).

Finn Raivo studies Russian habits and writes a book about Russian hunting traditions. He comes to Russian and to look at the hunting traditions closely joins a group of Russian men (Army general, a police detective, a local forest ranger (a devotee of Zen Buddhism) and some big-city types from St. Petersburg) who is going to hunt. And the comedy starts: You’ll see all stereotypes about Russia bears, bathhouse (sauna) and vodka, that will be too much, but if you have been in Russia you will think there is something from reality in this comedy or at least it could be or it could happened.

Directed by Aleksandr Rogozhkin
Produced by Aleksandr Golutva
Written by Aleksandr Rogozhkin
Music by Vladimir Panchenko
Cinematography Andrei Zhegalov
Editing by Tamara Denisova

Ville Haapasalo – Raivo (as Ville Khaapasalo)
Viktor Bychkov – Kuzmich
Sergei Ruskin – Sergei Olegovich
Aleksey Buldakov – General
Semyon Strugachyov – Lyova Soloveychik
Sergei Kupriyanov – Kachalov
Sergei Guslinsky – Semyonov
Igor Sergeyev – Count
Igor Dobryakov – Nobleman
Yuri Makusinsky – Hunter
Boris Cherdyntsev – Commandant
Aleksandr Zavyalov – Ensign

Lenfilm, 1995

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Through the Thorns to the Stars (Soviet Science Fiction Movie)!

Recently Kyle and me watched an old Soviet sci fi movie “Through the Thorns to the Stars” (Через терни к звездам). I did not watch the movie since my childhood and now I watched it like the first time. I was so impressed by this movie and the actors job Sometimes their play seemed exaggerated but it did not irritate, we felt like in the theater and all character were so clear expressed on the screen.

This movie made by Kir Bulychev novel looks like a dream, dream of community of future dream about people who has interesting job and enjoy this job a lot (and yes, in Soviet Union a lot of people lived like that). Sci fi plot was very interesting also. So I strongly recommend you to watch the movie.

Directed by Richard Viktorov
Written by Richard Viktorov (screenplay)
Kir Bulychyov (novel)
Music by Aleksei Rybnikov
Sergei Skripka (conductor)
Cinematography Aleksandr Rybin
Editing by Lyubov Pushkina (ed.)

Distributed by Gorky Film Studio

Release date(s) 1981

Yelena Metyolkina as Niya
Vadim Ledogorov as Cadet Stepan Lebedev
Uldis Lieldidz as Sergei Lebedev
Yelena Fadeyeva as Maria Pavlovna
Vatslav Dvorzhetsky as Petr Petrovich
Nadezhda Semyontsova as Professor Nadezhda Ivanova
Aleksandr Lazarev as Professor Klimov
Aleksandr Mikhajlov as Dreier
Boris Shcherbakov as Navigator Kolotin
Igor Ledogorov as Ambassador Rakan
Igor Yasulovich as Torki
Gleb Strizhenov as Glan
Vladimir Fyodorov as Turanchoks
Yevgeni Karelskikh

I was very pleased to read such opinion about this movie: Summing up I want to say this film is not a cheap entertainment as some comments here suggest. It is a very kind, heartful, gentle, touching and thought-provoking movie. It is about love – love to people, love to the Earth. Of course there is certain naivity about the film, but it only adds positive to its atmosphere. I see everything quite balanced in it. Some may see flaws in film’s imperfect setting (compared with “Alien” or “Star Wars” for example)- of course Holliwood was much more advanced in Sci-fi making (and a lot richer besides), than the Soviet cinema. But that does not seem too important.

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