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Russian Video: Try It You Will Like This Slideshow on Russia…

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Some wonderful pictures to look at from travelers all over the world and when they visited Russia…

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Ecuador in Moscow…

Yarik-Ecuador is Ethnic Indian band.

Created in 2003 from street musicians.

Yarik translated from kitchua means remembrance. Thus the project itself is called “memory”, after an appeal to ethnic music in the transcription of prominent Peruvian and Ecuadorian street musicians who do not have a classical musical education, Sixto Aymara, Lenin, de la Torre, Alberto and Hector Loza is no accident. They amaze songs make us think about his true origins, so we have responded, genetic memory would indicate to us the right way to cleanse our minds from the alluvial stereotypical beliefs.

The first group received more popular in its native city and province, participated in many local festivals.

With the same ensemble of 2003 touring around the world and participates in festivals of folk music of Latin American countries such as Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

The first trip to Europe in the summer of 2004 in Holland. Thereafter for five years, the group visited Germany, Poland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The first visit to Russia took place in 2009. Most concerts held in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad.

In 2010 it was decided to visit Moscow renewed composition. Start went well with an invitation to a concert in honor of Independence Day of the OCE, the performance was so successful that the administration immediately OCE entered into a contract with the group until the end of October, all weekends.

The group includes:
Yarik (Enrique Morales Malesil born) – the leading soloist of the group, panfleyta, samponya, Toya
Uayra (Hector Loza Castañeda) – lead singer, flute, samponya, Toya
Kuri (Umberto Malesil born Kanyamar) – lead singer, flute, samponya, panfleyta
Yurah (Vladislav Baslin) – director and producer.

The band Yarik


Videos filmed by Svetlana…

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Violin makers in Russia fight to save 500-year-old tradition…

Russia’s top violin-makers have given RT an insight into a beautiful but dying craft, recalling its history and pondering its future.

As the saying goes, many a good tune is played on an old fiddle. This is only possible thanks to a few talented individuals whose job it is to painstakingly restore classic violins.

Amiran Oganezov is one such individual. For the past 20 years, he has been restoring old violins and making new ones. It takes the master about four weeks to turn a piece of maple into a musical instrument. No machinery is used – everything is made by hand, from classic designs to something a little more experimental.

Oganezov’s works are sold widely in Russia and Europe. Yet the musician has no formal education in violin making, because Russia cannot boast a single official violin-making school.

“There are about 10 professional violin makers in Moscow,” Oganezov says. “Compare this to Europe – there’s an Italian town called Cremona, famous for its violin-making tradition. Some 70,000 people live there and 500 of them are violin makers. In Russia the craft is disappearing and I just hope it won’t die out completely.”

Although Russian violinists regularly snap up top prizes at international competitions, the world has hardly heard of Russian violin makers. The country, however, does have a long violin-making tradition.

It can be traced back to Moscow’s Glinka Museum of Musical Culture, named after the 19th-century composer Mikhail Glinka. The art of violin making has not changed much in almost 500 years, and a modern-day craftsman has to be a jack of all trades.

The craft entails much more than the mere construction of a violin. The violin maker has to be a carpenter, a varnish maker, an acoustician, and has to play the instrument well enough to be able to hear and make the subtle tonal adjustments.

Before turning to violin making, Amiran started out as a musician, as did his friend and colleague Mikhail Azoyan, whose workshop is next door. The violins he makes are snapped up at prices of up to $8,000, but his true love is making bows. He has a few tricks of the trade of his own.

“You’ve got to have the knowledge of how to turn a chunk of wood into something that will produce a sound,” violin and bow maker Mikhail Azoyan told RT. “Different types of wood are worked with differently. But intuition plays a big part too. Sometimes I take one look at a piece of wood and I feel what kind of sound I can get from it.”

It is really all about the sound, says violin sensation Gayk Kazazyan, winner of a number of competitions in Russia and abroad.

“I had the honor of playing a Stradivarius violin at New York’s Carnegie Hall – a very special experience,” Kazazyan told RT. “The older the violin, the richer its tone. And the better the instrument, the longer it takes to get the feel of it. A relationship between a musician and their instrument is like a very close friendship, or even a romance.”

He agrees that Russia’s home-grown musicians prefer instruments made abroad. Violin makers like Amiran and Mikhail blame the lack of state funding and support for the trade. However, as long as their work remains in demand, they hope the profession will live on, and the country’s violin makers will eventually stop playing second fiddle on the world stage.

Russian Videos From Russia!

It is Called – Franz + Polina трейлер 2006…

Made by Mikhail who grew up in Oryol, Russia. Being a school child, he was attending a theatrical studio at the local House of Pioneers (a USSR name for Technical and Fine Arts Club for children), writing plays and staging performances. By that time he shot his first short-length works with 8- and 16- mm cameras. (Read More)

What can I say but watch it…

Russian Video From Russia!

“Русский Танец” Russian Dance…

This video was shot in 1996 in Moscow Cinema School by Mikhail Segal…

This is his site.

Mikhail grew up in Oryol, Russia. Being a school child, he was attending a theatrical studio at the local House of Pioneers (a USSR name for Technical and Fine Arts Club for children), writing plays and staging performances. By that time he shot his first short-length works with 8- and 16- mm cameras. (Read More)

I can’t explain it but I like it. I seem to connect with the video and it strikes me where it counts. In the heart…

The site link I gave you has a lot of works by this man and he also has done some music and written books…

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Stream of Life through the mind of a Muscovite.

What do you think when you are listening an old strange meditative music… music of Russian Sibirea, music called “Mother Taiga”.

Our friend made a short video of associations what came to his mind when he was listening to the music. He called the video “No limits (Huun Huur Tu – Mother Taiga)”.

Huun Huur Tu is a music group from Tuva, a Russian republic situated on the Mongolian border.

You can read more about Huun Huur Tu in Wikipedia.

Russian Video from Russia

Russian Video: January 27th, The siege of Leningrad was lifted

January 27th, the day the siege of Leningrad was lifted, is now a Day of military glory in Russia.

Documentaries about Siege of Leningrad:

1) Full length World War II documentary movie Siege of Leningrad from BattleField series.

2) Blockade – one of the best Russian documentaries: movies about ordinary days of dieing city.