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Russian Video: An Easter Address from Patriarch Kirill (English translation).

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia makes his traditional address to the nation on Easter Day.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Christ is risen!

During these days of Easter we greet each other with these wonderful words. And we reply, “He is risen indeed!” These exclamations, full of light and vitality, have been used for almost two thousand years. Over this period, powerful kingdoms arose and fell apart, languages and peoples came into and out of being, people took fancy to different ideas, many of which, incidentally, resulted in bitter disappointment. Everything was changing. But these words remained unchanged..

Watch the video with full Easter speech of Patriarch Kirill with English translation:

Happy Easter!

Russian Video from Russia.

Russian Video: Art of Pealing Bells.

In the Russian Orthodox Church, bell towers are considered a second altar. Safroniya says that not everyone is given permission to come up a bell tower. This is a deeply spiritual experience.

In the sub-zero temperatures, the nuns begin ringing the 800 kg bell with evident care and pride. The wind rushes through the stone tower. The sound is breathtaking.

Russian Video from Russia

Russian Video: Kurban-bayram in Russia (1945)!

Today Muslims all over the world celebrate the most signification holiday Eid al-Adha also called “Festival of Sacrifice” and we know it in Russia by name Kurban-bayram.

Last year we showed celebration of Kurban-bayram in modern Russia. This year I want to show you an old documentary from Kazan: Kurban-bayram in Russia, 1945.

Happy Kurban-bairam!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Blagoveschenie – Annunciation in Russia!

Today as I was walking to work I stopped at Donskoy Monastery which is near my office. I happened to notice a huge crowed of people and went to investigate. I found, as you can see by this video. That Patriarch Kirill had given a special Annunciation Service at the Church that you will see in the video. So watch the video and you will see Russia’s Patriarch Kirill who is in charge of the Russian Orthodox Church.

This video will give you a good view of the Orthodox religious side of Russia. We put picture on the photoblog of Patriarch Kirill: Original Photos By Svet: Patriarch Kirill…

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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