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Russian Video: Russian Village by Eyes of Svet and Kyle!


That is a “Day of Russia” today, and day off for all us so we are going to visit our village home for next four days.

For our readers who have never seen our village that will become my pleasure to repost an our village slide-show for you! Watch and enjoy:

We promise to bring new pictures and one day to make another slide show!

If you want to see more pictures and read more stories about our village follow this link: Windows To Russia (About Our Village)! You’ll find there about 46 beautiful and interesting articles (mostly about our village)

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Vacations in Israel!

Hello our dear readers,

I think that’s about time to tell you that Russian Video from Russia is going to have some vacation. This time we will visit Israel, so today I just picked up a beautiful video about Israel to watch it together!

We are leaving on Sunday (5th of October) and will be back at 22nd of October. Kyle plans to post a little bit in our Windows to Russia blog during this time.

Best wishes for everybody!
We will miss you!

Svet and Kyle

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Video of A Peaceful Russian Village!


Maybe you remember that we visited our village a couple or three weeks ago. Maybe some of you read a sweet Kyle’s article about Sunrise in the village (by the way the official name of this village is Sunrise to Freedom!) Recently, we made a slide show to show you more sites of our village. Yesterday we discovered Veoh one more place in Internet where you can upload your video and they warranties that the quality of your video stays good.

So today we watch a very good slide show (I hope you agree with me) and test a new video system! (You can compare a quality this video on Veoh with quality of the same video on GoogleVideo we published it in our MainBlog)

Best wishes and
have a good day,
Svet and Kyle

PS And do not forget we really need your feedback!

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News from Russia: Video of cute ducklings!


Been a city person I love nature, cherish any moment what we can spend watching the nature… That’s why we made so many “Duck’s videos” here and here.. Time goes ahead and today ducks in this pond already swim with little funny ducklings. It was so much fun to watch them! We made a little movie about them trying to share it with you. The ducklings’ life is just happiness! Watch the video and be happy the same way like these little ducklings :))).

For this video we used the famous Italian song “Il ballo del qua qua” by Al Bano and Romina Power.

For our readers who wants to know more about this duck and her ducklings:

We really were stunned how well these ducks can dive!

The Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) is a medium sized sea duck of the genus Bucephala, the goldeneyes. Their closest relative is the similar Barrow’s goldeneye.

Adult males ranges from 45-52 cm (18-21 inches) and from 888 to 1400 grams (1.9 to 3.1 lbs), while females range from 40-50 cm (16-20 inches) and from 500 to 1182 grams (1.1 to 2.6 lbs). The species is aptly named for its golden-yellow eye. Adult males have a dark head with a greenish gloss and a circular white patch below the eye, a dark back and a white neck and belly. Adult females have a brown head and a mostly grey body. Their legs and feet are orange-yellow.

Their breeding habitat is the taiga. They are found in the lakes and rivers of boreal forests across Canada and the northern United States, Scandinavia and northern Russia.
To read more about this ducks you can here.

Have a good weekend try to find time to enjoy nature!
Svet and Kyle

PS As for us we are going to our village house for next 2-3 days. We remember you and will be back!

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Russian Village!

Hello, today Kyle made a nice slide show for us! That is some pictures about our Village Life last summer (mostly at weekends). Kyle loves the Village, he wrote several articles about it: one of them here. I think this video is his way to say: “Summer is coming. We all want to breath fresh air and watch beautiful sunset performances every evening!” I enjoyed this slide-show – hope you too! Do you already think about Summer? 😉

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