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Russian Video: 22 of June – Day of Mourning and Commemoration!


Yesterday we watched a beautiful video of “Scarlet Sails – 2009” – festival for pupils who just finished school in St. Petersburg… These pupils just finished school and all beautiful and exciting life is ahead of them.

The 22nd of June, 1941 – we had a lot of the same festivals all over Soviet Union and boys and girls who yesterday were at school desks were the same excited about their future life… But Tomorrow Was The War!

Today we remember about all these pupils who lost their hopes and lives… Today we remember The Great Patriotic War (WWII).

I’ll show you a very beautiful video today. That is a sand animation by Ksenia Simonova… that was first showed a couple weeks ago at Ukrainian show Україна має талант (Ukraine has talent). Yes, it has.. my opinion. But let’s watch:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Zhenya, Zhenechka i 'Katyusha' (Movie)!

Russian Video: Zhenya, Zhenechka i 'Katyusha'(Movie)

This weekend we continue watching movies about WWII (or Great Patriotic War how we call it in Russia). Yes, here in Russia we have a lot of movies about WWII. Some of them we’ve already watched some of them we’ll watch later.

The theme of WWII is very important in Russian culture. 27 millions died cause of WWII, every family of former USSR has it’s own memory of WWII and we don’t want to forget about it.

Russian movies about WWII are very unique. You will not see a superhero there. Most of them are movies about just life of usual people in the war.

Today we are watching a very good movie “Zhenya, Zhenechka and ‘Katyusha'” (Женя, Женечка и ‘Катюша’). This movie is a story about adventures and love of a nerd in the war. (Yes, you can meet very different people in the war.)

You can believe me or not but all this adventures are true, they really happened at the end of WWII.

The story was told by Vladimir Motyl and Bulat Okudzhava.

Director of the movie Vladimir Motyl (we already know him as director of movie The White Sun of the Desert)

Original Music by Isaak Shvarts


Oleg Dal as Zhenya Kolyshkin
Galina Figlovskaya as Zhenechka Zemlyanikina
Mikhail Kokshenov as Zakhar
Pavel Morozenko as Aleksei Zyryanov
Georgi Shtil as Romadin
Mark Bernes as Colonel Karavayev
Adolf Ilyin as Divisional commander
V. Schneider
Vladimir Ilyin
Lyubov Malinovskaya

Bulat Okudzhava – Voice

© Lenfilm, 1967

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Only Old Men Are Going to Battle (Movie)!

Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (how we call WWII in Russia) and we are watching one of the best movies Only Old Men Are Going to Battle (В бой идут одни “старики”), by Leonid Bukov, 1973.

Sometimes age has nothing to do with experience. Watch this movie to find out how in a short span of time the twenty year old pilots can loose the title “wet behind the ears” and gain the battle respected title of “old men”.

The crew:
Directed by Leonid Bykov

Writing credits
Leonid Bykov writer
Yevgeni Onopriyenko writer
Aleksandr Satsky writer

Original Music by Viktor Shevchenko
Cinematography by Vladimir Vojtenko
Film Editing by M. Zorovoy
Production Design by Georgi Prokopets
Costume Design by L. Korotenko

The cast:
Leonid Bykov – Titarenko
Sergei Podgornyj – Smuglyanka
Sergei Ivanov – Kuznechik
Rustam Sagdullayev – Romeo
Yevgeniya Simonova – Masha
Olga Mateshko – Zoya
Vladimir Talashko – Skvortzov
Aleksei Smirnov – Makarych
Viktor Miroshnichenko – Kompolka
Gregory Hlady – (as Grigori Gladij)
Yuri Sarantsev
Alim Fedorinsky – Alyabyev (as A. Fyodorinsky)
Vano Yantbelidze – Vano (as V. Yantbelidze)
Aleksandr Nemchenko – Ivan Fedorovich (as A. Nemchenko)
Boris Boldyrevsky (as B. Boldyrevsky)
Valentin Makarov (as V. Makarov)
Lyudmila Marchenko
Vilori Pashchenko (as V. Paschenko)
Valentin Grudinin (as V. Grudinin)
Dmitri Mirgorodsky
Vladimir Volkov
Viktor Stepanenko (as V. Stepanenko)

© Dovzhenko Film Studio, 1973

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: The Dawns Here Are Quiet (Movie)

The Dawns Here Are Quiet

All TV-channels in Russia show us a lot of movies about the Great Patriotic War (that’s how we call WWII) at the 9th of May (Victory Day).

Today we will watch one of classic Russian movies about the Great Patriotic War: The dawns here are quiet (А зори здесь тихие), 1972. Movie was directed by Stanislav Rostotsky based on Boris Vasilyev’s novel of the same name This film was nominated for an Oscar as “Best Foreign Film” in 1973.

The region was Karelia, Russia in 1942 during WWII. The scene begins in a railway station far from the front line, senior sergeant Vaskov is stationed with a group of young female (yes, female!) who are anti-aircraft gunners. Vaskov is not used to these “gunners”. They are active and playful personalities. Therefore he has clashes with the gunners over daily issues. But Vaskov, being the only man in the village, has to accommodate, no matter what the situation.

One day, two German paratroopers appear in the forest near their garrison….

You must watch to find out if female gunners saved the day:

Maybe after watching this movie you understand these words from one of the most powerful Russian song “Victory Day”: This is joy with tears in our eyes…

But such movies must be watched … because Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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WWII: Russia remembers the bloodiest tank buttle (65 years of Kursk battle).


Today Russia remembers the bloodiest tank battle of World War Two – The Battle of Kursk.

That is a Video from Russia Today:

And here we’ll watch a good historical documentary video about The Battle of Kursk:

This vacation we visited the village Prokhorovka and we’ll never forget the Orthodox Church and the names names and names on its walls, names of people who stayed there forever, who died defending our future!

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Russia remembers Great Patriotic War!


Today is a Day of Memory and Grief in Russia. Today we remember the Great Patriotic War (WWII) victims. And today we’ll watch a cartoon. The cartoon about Pioneers (Soviet scouts) in one town who did not conquer Nazi invaders. The name of this cartoon is “Adventure of Red Ties”, I choose this cartoon because that is adventure and has happy end — that’s very important for me we have very much very strong movies about WWII what you can not watch without tear on your eyes – they are honest movies and happy end is very seldom there (war is war – that is not a joyful walk in the middle of summer). This cartoon was made in 1971, was made for kids – and I was stunned when I watched it – director made so true movie by such simple tools… So now I offer all our readers to watch the cartoon – no tears – I promise. And I want to tell one more thing: These English subtitles to this cartoon is our contribution to The Day of Memory and Grief.


Part 2

For people who wants to see more we recommend an article and a cartoon what published our friend SeeSaw here.

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Svet and Kyle

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Russia: In Memory WWII – The Night Is Dark


In these days near The Victory Day in Russia (9th of May) we honor people who fought for our freedom and life! We honor our veterans. The TV shows a lot of old movies about World War 2 or how we call it in Russia The Great Patriotic War. So we decided to publish a series of articles with episodes of Soviet World War Two movies.

Today it will be an episode of movie “The Two Soldiers”. This movie was made in 1943, it is about two friends who defend Leningrad and became to love the same girl. This song was sung by Mark Bernes, he played one of these two friends. His image in this movie was great, he shows the brave soldier from Odessa, it was the typical image of a Soviet Marine.

Here we will listen to a very famous Soviet WWII-time song “Dark night”. This song was very popular in front line troops, it became the national hit right after its appearance.

For people who wants to know more we found an English translation of this song:

“Dark night”

(Translated by Andrey with cooperation of Amvas)

The night is dark,
Only bullets are whining in the steppe,
Only a wind is buzzing in wires,
Stars are dimly twinkling.
I know that you, my beloved girl,
Do not sleep this dark night
And secretly are wiping tear
Near a cot.
How I love
The depth of your tender eyes!
How I want to nestle up my lips
Close to them now!
The dark night
Separates us, my beloved girl,
And the disturbed black steppe
Lies between us.

I believe in your,
my dear she-friend.
This belief protected me
From a bullet in a dark night.
I am gaily
I am quiet in a mortal combat
I know you to meet me in love
Whatever had happened.
I’m not frightened with a death
We’ve already met with it in a steppe many times
And even now
It is whirling over me.
You are waiting for me
And do not sleep near cot
So therefore I know
Nothing bad can happen with me.

You are waiting for me
And do not sleep near cot
So therefore I know
Nothing bad can happen with me.


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Do Russians want a war? (Хотят ли Русские Войны?)

We created this video in memory of 65 years of the Stalingrad Battle:
1) music: famous Soviet song “Do russians want war?” –
“Ask those who fallen for freedom and to end the wars, do russians want war!”
A song – answer to borgeous propagandists and falsificators of history
Music: E. Kolmanovsky Lyrics: E. Evtushenko Singer: M. Bernes
2) The slide show pictures of Memorial complex in Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd(Stalingrad)