Russian Souvenir: The Red Sarafan!


Today we’ll watch just a very beautiful video! Beautiful background with paintings of Isaak Levitan, Edgar Degas, Nicolaes Maes and Philipp Lyavin, besides pictures from Russian folk art objects. And the movie comes with a very beautiful famous song: The Red Sarafan by Red Army Choir.

For our readers who wants to know more.

The Red Sarafan is a composition by Nikolaj Grigorjewitsch Ziganof(1797-1831) and Alexander Warlamoff(1801-1848), a moving Russian song. What is this song about? Daughter asks her mother don’t sew red sarafan for her and don’t make her get married because she likes her free life, she likes to play and dance. And her mother responses to her by words: Youth will go away soon and nobody will need you then. But if you get married that does not mean the end of your life you still can be happy to remember your youth and look at your children!

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