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Listen to Russian Soul…

The album is called Russian Soul by cellist Eckart Runge and pianist Jacque Ammon! Their playing in the Rachmaninov works is deeply romantic and sensual, with an impressive balance between piano and cello in the sonata. Kapustin’s works are played with playfulness, rhythmic fluidity, and completely natural melodic gestures. Combined with Genuin’s appealing sound quality, this album is definitely worth checking out…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Russian Video from Russia

Russian Video: Singing grannies…

A group of crooning village pensioners has got Russians singing along and is set to have a shot at greater stardom at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

­“Any granny has to be able to sing, dance, smile and have fun,” Galina Koneva, a singer from Buranovskie Babushki, told RT. “We’re no stars, we’re just ordinary grannies.”

“Buranovskie Babushki”, or “Buranovo Grannies”, have put their village in the Central Russian Republic of Udmurtia on the map, winning hearts with tunes in their native Udmurt language and English.

The newly-minted celebrities, whose combined age is over 600 years old, sport traditional costumes and birch bark shoes. That is exactly what their fans like, claiming this unmistakably ethnic feel represents the real Russia. Indeed, in this country, folk songs and dances, with their colourful costumes, fiery moves and heartfelt lyrics, have never fallen out of fashion.

“These songs come from our ancestors. They’ve always been a huge part of village life, of our roots,” Zhanna Rusakova, artistic director of Slavyane Folk Band, told RT. “That’s how people expressed themselves. It’s all about our traditions that represent something for every generation. Russia is not Russia without its folk songs.”

In Soviet times, folk tunes were even specially promoted as “the people’s music” and received important state support, with the aim of rivaling Western pop culture.

Today, scores of performers have made folk songs and dances their speciality, like the Moscow-based band “Slavyane”, or the “Slavic Singers”. Another award-winning song-and-dance company revives and promotes the traditional culture of the Cossacks of southern European Russia.

“The Cossacks have songs for both wartime and peace, songs about battles and about festivities,” Andrey Tolstyakov, artistic director of the “Volnaya Stanitsa Cossack Ensemble”, told RT. “It’s important to get the details right. We’ve got the uniforms that were standard in 1914 – the blouses, the boots and special hats called papakha. A Cossack always kept all his documents in it, so if he ever lost it, it was only together with his head.”

After a string of young Russian pop stars, it is now time for more mature folk to aim for Eurovision glory. The singing grannies from Buranovo get their shot at the big time in late May in Azerbaijan.

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: At Living Life Russians make Many Look Like Amateurs…

Crazy Russians often make crazy Americans look like beginners. I find this video to be fairly true…

In Russia you never know what you will see as you drive or walk around the country. People are free to do as they please with very little interference in their lives. I have said before, To Russians there are no rules and when there are rules they are to be broken…

Gotta Love Russia!

Russian Videos from Russia!

In the Forest was Born a Christmas Tree…

A wonderful Russian song about the Christmas tree:

Christmas songs – “born in the forest a Tree”
The forest was born a Christmas Tree,
In the forest it grew,
Winter and summer slender, green it was.
Winter and summer slender, green it was.

The blizzard then sang her song:
“Sleep, Christmas Tree, bye-bye!”
Frosty snow soon wrapped:
“Look, it does not freeze!”
Frosty snow swathing it:
“Look, it does not freeze!”

Coward the gray rabbit hid
Under the Christmas tree did dance.
He ran to hide, Sometimes as a wolf, would cross.
He ran to hide, Sometimes a wolf, would cross.

Hark! Sound through the Snow in the woods a frequent
creaking runners of a sled;
Horse trotted in a hurry, running.
Horse trotted in a hurry, running.

Lucky horse to pull the sled,
And the woodsman was peasant,
He cut down our Christmas tree at the base.
He cut down our Christmas tree at the base.

And here she is, all dressed up,
On the New Year came to us,
And brought many, many kids much joy.
And brought many, many kids much joy.

Kyle and Sveta

Merry New Year!

Russian Video: They call it “The Crazy Song?”

According to the Youtube site this song is 27 years old! It was found in an envelope of old stuff…

Have no idea who it is but it is about Moscow, Russia and I like it. The owners of the found song said: “If the old envelope that I found the master tape in is right, then this song dates back to 1983 – that’s 27 years old! It didn’t have a title so I’ve called it this and even made up a a name for the band…”

Hope you enjoy it and it has lots of old pictures and it is a video made a long time ago…

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Nutcracker – Russian Dance…

The world-renowned Mariinsky Theater, known during Soviet times as the Kirov Opera and Ballet Theater, reverted to its original name in 1992. The present building, which dates back to 1859, originally housed another theater but was remodeled and taken over by the Mariinsky company. During pre-revolutionary times the theater enjoyed royal patronage and has played host to some of Russia’s most celebrated classical performers; Fiodor Shaliapin sang there, and the dancers Vatslav Nizhinsky, Matilda Kshesinskaya, Anna Pavlova also graced its stage and as you can see the Nutcracker was performed there also…

Nutcracker: Nutcracker has enjoyed enormous popularity since the mid-20th century and is now performed by countless ballet companies, primarily during the Christmas season, especially in the U.S. Tchaikovsky’s score has become one of his most famous compositions, in particular the pieces featured in the suite…

So much fun to watch…

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Balalaika – Balalayka – Балалайка…

Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski and Mikhail Smirnov (guitar)performing Russian folk song “The Moon Is Shining Brightly” (Svetit Mesyats) Светит месяц…

I love this little instrument and it has a powerful history for an instrument. It is not just small in size though and there are some versions that are plain huge…

Tidbit of information: It is said that the Balalaika embodies the Russian people’s character, with its ability to switch from happiness to sadness with ease. Originally it was a folk and peasant instrument. It was common for the peasant ballads, composed for the Balalaika, to irreverently poked fun at the authority of the times. For this reason there were times when the Balalaika was banned by both the Orthodox Church and the State. The instrument enjoyed its greatest folk popularity in the early 18th century…

Russians love their Balalaika…

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: The Kuban Cossack Сhoir…

The modern Kuban Cossack Chorus sets the date of its creation as 14 October 1811, when its predecessor, the Black Sea Host Singing Chorus (Черноморский Войсковый певческий хор), was formed. The founders of this choir were Kirill Rossinsky and regent Grigory Grechinsky. Over the next hundred years in addition to singing the Russian Orthodox Liturgy in Slavonic, the choir regularly gave public concerts throughout the Krasnodar Krai. These concerts would include classical works as well as folk songs in addition to sacred works…

Read More of Wikipedia information >>>

This is a great video. This choir dates back many years and they have a huge show that they perform. This is just one song out of many. The choir ranges from children to men and women. Great music…

Russian Video From Russia!