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Russian Cartoon: Star Dogs Belka and Strelka!

50 years ago the 19the of August 1960 – two dogs in Russia made a successful trip to the orbit of Earth. The dogs Belka and Strelka spent 25 hours in the space and made 17 complete revolutions around the Earth.

They were not first dogs in the space but they were first who came back alive.

«Star Dogs Belka and Strelka» is a 2010 Russian computer-animated film. The film is based on early space exploration history episode and honors first Earth-born animals who survived outer space trip.

Today we are watching a trailer of this cartoon in English.

You can watch «Star Dogs Belka and Strelka» full movie in Russian here.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Smeshariki Meet Maslenitsa!

Smeshariki Meet Maslenitsa!

Have you ever heard about “Smeshariki”?

“Smeshariki” (literally translated “laughing balls”) was created in order to educate the younger generation and teach children to avoid being judgmental. It is the first large-scale animated series for kids in Russia that is being produced with the assistance of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

“Smeshariki” represents an imagery world in which events happen to be reality-based, the ones a child might face in day-to-day life. Villains do not appear in the series, while main characters are benevolent and frank. Each episode is a separate metaphorical story, either comical and funny or lyrical and thought-provoking.

Here is a video from Russia Today tells about Smeshariki:

But our main video is “Smeshriki meet Maslenitsa” (The cartoon is in Russian – but you and your kids will understand everything. I promise!)

Read more and watch more videos about Russian Maslenitsa:

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2) From Russia: Maslenitsa Time of the Year!
3) Russia: Maslenitsa, I Miss Real Pancakes!(Blini)
4) Russian Video: Russia meets Maslenica
5) Russian Video: Farewell Maslenitsa, Hello Spring!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Elephant and Pug (Cartoon)!

For people who likes old cartoons and for people who likes wise fables today we publish Elephant and Pug, a Soviet cartoon made in 1941.

Russian fable by Ivan Krylov and English translation:

По улицам Слона водили,
Как видно напоказ –
Известно, что Слоны в диковинку у нас –
Так за Слоном толпы зевак ходили.
Отколе ни возьмись, навстречу Моська им.
Увидевши Слона, ну на него метаться,
И лаять, и визжать, и рваться,
Ну, так и лезет в драку с ним.
“Соседка, перестань срамиться,-
Ей шавка говорит,- тебе ль с Слоном возиться?
Смотри, уж ты хрипишь, а он себе идет
И лаю твоего совсем не примечает”.-
“Эх, эх! – ей Моська отвечает,-
Вот то-то мне и духу придает,
Что я, совсем без драки,
Могу попасть в большие забияки.
Пускай же говорят собаки:
“Ай, Моська! знать она сильна,
Что лает на Слона!”
Along the streets Big Elephant was led,
To show him off, most likely.
Since Elephants are not a common thing to see
A crowd of gapers followed on his heels.
All of a sudden Pug springs up in front of them.
And seeing Elephant, it raises a great rumpus,
It lunges, barks and howls
And does its best to pick a quarrel.
“Hey neighbor, stop the fuss,”
A mutt intones, “You? Deal with Elephant?
Look at you barking yourself hoarse, and he just strolls
And doesn’t care one bit about your noise.”
“Ho ho!” Pug says,
“That’s just what I enjoy,
Since I can be a real tough guy
Without a single blow or bruise.
That way, the other dogs will say:
“To bark at Elephant this Pug
Must be a real strong mug!”

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Oops – Masyanya!

Oops - Masyanya!Masyanya was invented by Oleg Kuvaev (Олег Куваев) Russian artist, designer and animator. He started his flash-animation series in 2001. First these series were just sent by email from friends to friends, and when they were used in one of Russian TV shows Masyanya became really popular.

It took time for me to understand who is Masyanya – I even could not understand is it he or she… Now I know and tell you that Masyanya is a girl about 25 years old.. she is quite optimistic and quite cynic. Personally I like optimism and dislike cynicism so Masyanya is not my favorite personage… This Masyanya‘s cartoon is just optimistic (almost like Tom and Jerry… lol). And I publish it just for you to get known Russian Masyanya:

For our readers who wants to know more about Masyanya:

You can read more about Masyanya’s Dad (Oleg Kuvaev) in Wikipedia.
Masyanya’s website (in Russian) where you can find all series about Masyanya and her friends.
Archive of Masyanya’s cartoons.
English page on Masyanya’s site.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Video from Russia: Putin and Family Guy!

Putin and Family Guy!Do you watch the “Family Guy” series? – We don’t. But this morning “Family Guy” made our day. They showed Russian former President and now Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in 1 and half minutes episode and that made day for all Russians. Putin was showed in very nice way – we really liked it. So now you can watch the episode. But just remember that Vladimir Putin does not smoke and has very healthy style of life [I think we all should do ;)]

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Cheburashka (cartoon)!

Russian Video: Cheburashka (cartoon)

We continue publishing old Russian cartoons for kids with English subtitles about Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena. We just watched the first part: Crocodile Gena what was made in 1969. Today we are watching a Russian cartoon Cheburashka what was made in 1971 by the same company Soyuzmultfilm, the same director Roman Kachanov and screenplay by Eduard Uspensky and Roman Kachanov.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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