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Russian Video: The Russian Electric Locomotive…

The electric train in Russia is a revered item. It is the way that people transverse the largest country in the world…

In Russia the electric locomotive is a mainstay of life. It is extremely important to the flow of humanity. The wide variety of locomotives makes every train a new experience. You can be hundreds of kilometers from Moscow and still be traveling by an electric train…

I myself have seen many of these locomotives because I travel by train a lot in Russia…

Watch the movie and enjoy the music. I think that locomotives are beautiful and under that beauty is lots and lots of power… 🙂

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Russia’s Underground Storage Food Reserves…

Top-secret underground facility stores strategic food reserves

A secret underground facility managed by the Federal Agency for State Reserves (Rosreserve) in Central Russia stores strategic food reserves for use during war or other emergencies.

Rosreserve officials decline to say how many people this food supply could feed or for how long.

An underground complex is located inside a mine. Each tunnel is filled with bags containing granulated sugar, cereals, canned food and other foodstuffs. The temperature is kept constant at 8-10 degrees Celsius.

This underground food depot is only a part of the huge Rosreserve system. Over 100 similar secret depots are scattered all over the country…

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Porridge Feast in Tula, Russia – a World Record…

The residents of Tula have beaten the world record for the largest bowl of porridge.

Their gigantic vat of kasha was made to celebrate the city’s name day.

The previous record was set last year in England, when a bowl was made from 630 kilos of oats.

Tula topped that this year with a massive 865 kilos – nearly a ton of porridge.

The steaming cauldron was then dished out and eaten by locals. (Yummy)

The town has already received confirmation from and been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Russian Video from Russia!

Russian Video: Smeshariki Meet Maslenitsa!

Smeshariki Meet Maslenitsa!

Have you ever heard about “Smeshariki”?

“Smeshariki” (literally translated “laughing balls”) was created in order to educate the younger generation and teach children to avoid being judgmental. It is the first large-scale animated series for kids in Russia that is being produced with the assistance of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

“Smeshariki” represents an imagery world in which events happen to be reality-based, the ones a child might face in day-to-day life. Villains do not appear in the series, while main characters are benevolent and frank. Each episode is a separate metaphorical story, either comical and funny or lyrical and thought-provoking.

Here is a video from Russia Today tells about Smeshariki:

But our main video is “Smeshriki meet Maslenitsa” (The cartoon is in Russian – but you and your kids will understand everything. I promise!)

Read more and watch more videos about Russian Maslenitsa:

1) Maslenitsa 2010 in Russia! (Yummy and Fun!)
2) From Russia: Maslenitsa Time of the Year!
3) Russia: Maslenitsa, I Miss Real Pancakes!(Blini)
4) Russian Video: Russia meets Maslenica
5) Russian Video: Farewell Maslenitsa, Hello Spring!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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20 Years Ago Russia Learned a New Word! (Big Mac)


We did an article on McDonald’s on Windows to Russia.(Link) It was lacking a good video to show McDonald’s in all her glory in Russia!

Well we found that video and it really is very interesting. So 20 years ago, McDonald’s was a world that had never been seen or experienced in Russia and to many it was the “Cat’s Meow” so to say!
That has all changed now and as we travel Russia we find McDonald’s in the most interesting places. One time we had traveled by train out of Moscow about two hours and all of a sudden we stopped at a little town that had a McDonald’s with in site of the train station. How is that for cool?
McDonald’s is Russia’s Now… Just ask any Russian!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Orthodox Chrismas.Address of Patriarch Kirill.

The head of Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, held a Christmas speech to the flock after the end of the celebratory service in Russia’s main Cathedral, Christ the Savior in Moscow.

Next: let’s watch a video about some Russian traditions of celebrating Orthodox Christmas in Russia.

Orthodox Christmas in Russia

Merry Christmas!

Russian Video from Russia
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Russian Video: 2010 New Year Speech of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev!

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev New Year 2010 Speech!Every New Year Ave a few minutes before New Year we all are listening an Annual Presidential New Year address (that is just Russian tradition) and then Clock on Spasskaya Tower in Kremlin starts bit the last seconds of the year we all are toasting New Year and tell Happy New Year.

Here is Russian President’s annual New Year address (both Russian and English):

Happy New Year!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

Russian Video: Celebration of Poltava Battle 300 Aniversary!

Like you know Battle of Poltava is a very important event in Russian history. Since Poltava belongs to another country now Russians choose another place to celebrate the Poltava Battle VictorySelo Velikoe in Ryazanskaya Oblast’ (Ryazan’ Area).

This year, 11-12 of July there will be a great festival in Selo Velikoe “300 Anniversary of Poltava Battle”! And if you can you must not miss it!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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