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Natural disaster in Russia (Meteorite crash February, 15 2013)

Russian Video from Russia: Meteorite falls on Russia (February, 15th 2013).

The main channel in Russia transmitted next video about Meteorite crash in Siberia, Russia (February, 15th 2013): more than 500 people injured, schools and children-gardens don’t work.

Here you can watch video from “Russia Today” where they try to explain in English the situation:

Watch one more scary but beautiful video of: Meteorite crash in Chelyabinsk, Russia February, 15 2013.

The video about Meteorite crash in Siberia, Russia (February, 15th 2013)

We’ll keep you updated!

Chelyabinsk on Google Map:

Russian Video from Russia

Russian Video: The 1st of May in Russia 2012

Russia: The Fist of MayThe 1st of May is International Workers’ Day.

Let’s watch how Russia celebrates it. The official video from Russian state 1st Channel will show us 120 thousands of people who marched and celebrated on the streets of Moscow, Russian President and Prime Minister of Russia among of them.

Russian Video from Russia.

Russian Video: “Circle of Light” festival, Moscow Russia 2011.

Circle of Light, Moscow, Russia 2011Three days in October Muscovite and guests of our city can watch at nights amazing multimedia light shows… near the Kremlin, on the Red Square, near the Bolshoy Theater, Gorky Park and on the Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

I believe it’s very beautiful and I believe it’s cool. I also believe that a lot of people will be entertained… But I am not sure that is right thing to do to use our historical places and even church as a stage for such entertainment. Just my Soviet and Russian opinion.

Russian Video from Russia

Russian Video: Full video of Red Square Victory Day 2011 military parade.

Every year Russian Video from Russia publish a video of military parade on the Red Square. This year we all are going to watch the military parade in honor of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

In Honor of Victory: Full video of Red Square 2011 military parade (part 1)

In Honor of Victory: Full video of Red Square 2011 military parade (part 2)

Published by Russian Video from Russia.

Russian Video: A Documentary from Pripyat (Marking 25 years since Chernobyl catastrophe)

Twenty-five years have passed since the Chernobyl disaster… But people still remember the tragedy. Aleksey Yaroshevsky – correspondent of Russia Today visited Pripyat (nearest city to Chernobyl). Let’s watch his documentary!

The evacuation of Pripyat happened very rapidly – it took only 3 hours to evacuate the whole city. People was told to only take the bare necessities, as the authorities said it would only last about three days. As a result, most of the residents left behind their personal belongings, which are still there to this day…

Russian Video from Russia

Russian Video: An Easter Address from Patriarch Kirill (English translation).

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia makes his traditional address to the nation on Easter Day.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Christ is risen!

During these days of Easter we greet each other with these wonderful words. And we reply, “He is risen indeed!” These exclamations, full of light and vitality, have been used for almost two thousand years. Over this period, powerful kingdoms arose and fell apart, languages and peoples came into and out of being, people took fancy to different ideas, many of which, incidentally, resulted in bitter disappointment. Everything was changing. But these words remained unchanged..

Watch the video with full Easter speech of Patriarch Kirill with English translation:

Happy Easter!

Russian Video from Russia.